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I n a word, moms of all kinds are tough. Even if you’re not someone who spends a lot of time out in the wilderness, you probably know intuitively to never get in between any kind of animal mother and her babies. And when it comes to human moms, that protective dedication is just as present. With Mother’s Day coming up here pretty soon, let’s make sure we remember our moms and celebrate them for everything they do. My mom passed away three years ago, but I still take Mother’s Day as an opportunity to remember all the ways she loved and supported me throughout the years. I grew up in the 1960s, when a mother’s role looked a little different than it does today. Most of my friends’ moms during that time didn’t work; they spent their days taking care of the homestead. When my friends came home from school, they found dinner waiting for them on the table. Even though that picture of motherhood isn’t as common today as it was then, you could still see how mothers were the foundation of the family. It seemed like they held everything together.

Unlike my friends’ moms, my mother did work. She and my father often operated as a management team for their businesses. And yet, my mom never let that stop her from making sure my brother and I were taken care of. I don’t know how she did it, but despite her involvement with the family business, dinner was still on the table every day when my brother and I would arrive home from school.

My wife was the same way when my son was growing up. She worked full time and also somehow found a way to always help our son with his homework, get to all his sporting events, get his uniforms pressed, bring snacks for the rest of the team, and shuttle around some of the other parents’ kids on top of that. I have no idea how she had the energy for it, and how moms with more than one kid balance their lives is an utter mystery to me. Moms just get things done, and I can’t always surmise how. But I’m glad they do. Without moms, none of us would be where we are today — or be here at all, for that matter. About 75% of the people who come into Cool Renew Med Spa are women, many of them wives and mothers. However we can, we want to help all the ladies who come into our clinic to be the best versions of themselves. They deserve nothing less.

It wasn’t just in the day-to-day things where mom really shined, though. Back when we couldn’t just buy Halloween costumes from the store and had to make them ourselves, you better believe she made sure my brother and I had costumes ready to go. The same went for Valentine’s Day, when we had to decorate shoeboxes for collecting valentines from our classmates. Whenever we had any sort of project, it seemed like mom was there to magically whip something up for us. “Moms just get things done, and I can’t always surmise how. But I’m glad they do. Without moms, none of us would be where we are today — or be here at all, for that matter.”

To all the mothers reading this, happy Mother’s Day! We hope it’s a good one.

– Grant Miller

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