I25th Anniversary Edition


1990 ELMS

I 25th Anniversary Edition

In the 125 years since its founding as the Buffalo Normal School, the proud institution now known as Buffalo Stale College has hummed with activity - not just the pursuits needed to train future educaton;, scientists, artists, and politicians , (to name just a few), hut also the social events that are so much a part of the '..higher education" experience. handcrafts of kindet·gaeten teachees-in-training, the home-front suppot·t during World War ll, the goofy Art Kraft Klub of the '50s, the visits of famous Americans like Robet·t F. Kennedy and Margaret Mead, and the perfor·mances of well– known entertainers like Louis Armstrong and Bob Dylan all found their way into the pages of the Elms - along with the faces of thousands of students and faculty and staff. The pages of this, the l25th Anniversary Edition of the Elms and Volume Number 86, contain a few samples of what appeared in those previous volumes. Here you'll also find pictut·es of some of the l25th Anniversary Celebrations on cam– pus and mementos of other activities clueing this landmark year. For the past 86 of those 125 years, the Elms Yearbook has chronicled this activity. The

Traditions Forty-six years ago students at the "'State University of New York State College for Teachers at Buffalo" celebrated an annual autumnal "Jinx Burning." This sports-oriented bonfire and pep rally was staged to "frighten away the bad luck which may lurk wherever our teams play." While the "jinx" term has disappeared, the tradition continues today, as you'll see on page 20 of this 1997 yearbook. The 1983 Elms celebrated the Pub, a campus bar in the Student Union described as "an energy dot in the Pac-Man of higher education." The ten-page section featured pictures of dancers, drinkers, bartenders, bouncers, foosball players, smoochers, and disc jockeys in the wood-paneled ali-day night spot. Alas, after the legal drinking age was raised to 21, the Pub was cleaned up, brightened up, and renamed The Park - with no alcohol served.

Jinx Burning 1951


Accomplishments Students at BSC have made their marks in various ways over the years. In the '60s and '70s the college had a clean air car program and in 1971 the vehicle designed at State was entered in a cross country road rally that took the drivers from Boston, Massachusetts to Pasadena, California by way of Toronto, Oklahoma City, and Tucson. As seen below, even New York State Governor Nelson Rockefeller took the car for a spin at one point. The bottom left photo shows the "Rat Roof' which protected drivers from the desert sun of the southwest. Randy Smith was probably BSC's best known athlete, starring in both soccer and basketball. Smith went on to a fine professional career with the Buffalo Braves of the National Basketball Association, playing in 906 consecutive regular season games - the NBA record. The year the photo on the opposite page appeared, Smith led the soccer Bengals to an undefeated 13-0-2 season and post season play in the NCAA regionals.

Clean Air Car 1971

Randy Smith 1971

1) Honqr Roll 19n~· l) Thr Klnn Sitttt'J /..dwu/1 a Driu·; (J Ettt:l D11nor ti-.,1 Ex.mmuJ; 4 Ciuli.m U .n- Ejfwt; (S) 8/HJ jrJr S61dlrrs: 6 DkiJ Wtll Dum. WorldWarlll942

World Events The 1942 Elms, published only a few months after Pearl Harbor, was titled '·We Also Serve." Among the pictures of students, faculty, fraternities, sororities, athletes, snow sculptures, and parties, were images of men in uniform, blood donation drives, and an Honor Roll of alumni in military service. World War II lasted another three years and students at State Teachers continued to serve on the "home front." Nearly fifty years later BSC students who served in the military reserves were forced to take leaves from school and fly off to the middle east for the Gulf War of January and February 1991.

Why Ask Why!

The GulfWar 1991

Organizations Scores of student organizations serving all sorts of functions and constituencies have been formed at BSC during tht> college's long history. One interesting campus group of the late '40s and '50s was the Art Kraft Klub, an organization that claimed to have ~~no purpose." This club sponsorrd parties and other social meetings, the biggest apparently being the Esrever Ecnad, or Reverse Dance, whrre ~~girls squire the fellows and bear the entire expense for the evening, including... a corsage to be worn by the male." The AKK also offered an annual scholarship to an outstanding art student. A few years later the State Spartans were among the most active campus groups. Activities of the ·~men in blue" ranged from an annual variety show at Vt>teren's Hospital to something called "Shamrock Shenanigans." We can only guess... The 'GOs also saw a sharp increase in the number of foreign students taking classes at BSC, a factor leading to the formation, at least informally, of an International Students organization.

Art Kraft Kluh 1952

State Spartans 1966

International Students 1964


People Over the years hundreds of well known people have visited the BSC campus. Poets, politicians, activists, scientists, athletes, actors, writers, dancers, magicians, musicians, comedians, travelers, historians, soldiers... even some people just famous for being famous. Rod Serling, Margaret Mead, Dick Gregory, Nikki Giovanni, Bernadette Devlin, Muhammad Ali, and Ralph Nader are among the people who have made appearances. Some of these people made the pages of the Elms. The 1965 yearbook shows pictures of Senator Robert F. Kennedy delivering the commencement address. Barely three years later, while in California campaigning for president, Kennedy was shot to death. First lady Lady Bird Johnson and her daughter visited BSC and were photographed for the 1966 Elms. During their visit they planted a tree in Perry Quad.

Lady Bird Johnson 1966


Jerry Garcia Band 1978

Genesis (Peter Gabriel) 1974

Louis Armstrong 1965

Music Like any college campus. BSC has seen an enormous variety of musical performances over the years. Ethnic folk festivals, classical concerts, new music performances, jazz festivals, musi<·al theatre, cabaret, and coffeehouse folk music have all been part of the varied palette. However the biggest and most popular events have usually been the pop music concerts. In the '60s, Spanky and Our Gang, the New Christy Minstrels, and Dionne Warwick were presented; but perhaps the biggest event was a performance hy jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong in 1965. Big time rock concerts came in during thf' '70s. Among thf' stars who found their way to BSC (and into the pagf's of thf' Elms) were the original Genesis band, the Jerry Garcia Band, and Elvis Costello. More rf'Cf'ntly, Smashing Pumpkins shattf'red attf'ndance records by being the first act to sell out the new Sports Arena.

Smashing Pumpkins (Billy Corgan) 1994

Elvis Costello 1978

I t ~ H

I • r I c A ' • 0

''Evolution'' 1938

Miscellaneous Elms yearbooks have usually featured interesting art work of all sorts. In addtion to the photographs you'ld expect to find there have been drawings, cartoons, art photos, and poetry. The 1938 Elms (which featured a stylish black, teal, and brown color scheme) contained the above cartoon with references which are pretty obscure now but no doubt meant a lot to contemporary students. The art-poem-photo combination page at left is from the 1971 Elms. Very groovy - but spelling was not a strong suit.

J -

''Micl{.ey Mouse Generation'' 1971

l25th Anniversary Celebration

-- -- ... -- -- -- :: : = -- - f!.-{) ,, Buffalo State Colleg Since 1871.

Photographs by Jeff Smith

B 11ffrtln StRIP·s yP.<~r-lnng ·'Qua;:;'luicenlenn.ial'' cel– e!Jtaliuu upeuet.l f1iuay, 3e!J lewLe1 GLit, witlt au ali– day party. Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello, Dr. Muult diiJ ulla:1 J.igH.ildlie~ hiJUk.e u[ LIJe eullege':, " lUtJ g lt.i~ luJ.y uf :~u vlLL tu lt.ig,ln: J cJuLaliull 11 dliU :,IJdlt::U Llte ;.,potli ght wilh ovrr 12:1 nlnmni eoine; hRrk In l 0~1 Thr "class ambassadors" sang BSC's alma mater and the band played a piece written spe– dally for rhe occasion.

After mnny fumbled nt– tempts by speakers to pro noun oo "quucqmoontonmo1 1 Assemblyman (and '92 grad) Sam Hoyt Galled the ann i vr.r– ::;f!ry, ', , • RSC'::; 12~th. OnA thin~ I l em•ncd here won never rf"l nc;l' ::~ hAt'tl W()rrl Whl't1 :m easier one was available." Seve1a l lwuJ1eJ alut1111i

LcltCI" (132) and Ma1·i~ (Class of '3 I) Hannan

wa tched th e burying of a time-caps ule containing current class shedules and photos of students. The capsule will be opened on the college's l50th anniversary. The party con– tinued wi th musical performances, campus Lours, a cham– pflgnr: tOflfit anrl r,ut.t.ing ot fl "HnrkwAII Hnll'' rnh~. lhe dLW ended mth u hrcw11rk.J (h;,p le~y .'lrli111Min-.d l1,1 ll11 United Students' Government.

The bonfire and pep ralley on Friday evening were well attended in spite of poor weather. Rockwell Hall hosted a sports-comedy improv program (middle right) . At right, members of CSO work on their award winning banner.

Homecoming 1996 - 2000 Bound The 2000 Bound theme of the 1996 Homecoming celebration focused on the fact that this year' fre h– men will graduate in May 2000- the final year of Lhe millennium and the ver ge of a new thousand-year era. The theme was r eflected in dormatory decor a– tions, parade banner s and floats, and the t-shirts worn by Homecoming celebrants. Events kicked off with a sports-comedy program at Rockwell Hall, and a Friday evening bonfire and rally (seen on the opposite page). Some students left the rally early to put finishing touche on banner s and floats for Saturday morning·s pa rade. The rain on Saturday may have affected some of the banner but it certainly didn' t dampen the spirit of the marcher .

lfolDeCODiiDgl996 Because Coyer Field was not in playable condition, the Home– coming game was moved to a field at the UB Amherst campus. The tailgate party, Bengal mascot, and BSC cheerleaders all went along to watch the Bengal football team take on the Cortland Red Dragons. Again, the rain failed to douse the fi t·e in either the BSC fans or their team, and the Bengals won the game.

Homecoming Photos by Jeff Smith and Harold Moss

Lite OD Campus

The game room, the cafeteria, the outdoor quads, and college camp are all centers of student activities -activities ranging from chicken harheques to balloon rides (not for chickens).

Getting It Together There are scores ofstudent organi– zations, clubs, and groups on cam– pus, some large and formally rec– ognized, others more casual Some of their activities are shown here. Top: The Caribbean Student Or– ganization poses for their picture amid Perry Quad's leaf cover. Middle: a Christmas concert. Bot– tom: Left, singers perform at the African American Student organization's annual Apollo Night. Right, The Air Waste Man– agement sponsored a Hoyt Lake clean-up in September.

Khalil Sourakakune Top: Left, Indian classical dancers perform at the International Student Organization's Asia Pacific Night. Right, Members of Adelante Estudiantes Latinos pose during a Union Lobby event. Middle: Left, Student UnionBoardbrough the ska rock band The Toasters to the Union Social Hall in November. Right, an on-campus coffeehouse in Moot Hall. Bot– tom: an "informal" announcement.

BSC Athletics

Intercollegiate, club, and intramural sports have always been a big part of college life at BSC. Who can deny the dedication of the rugby club taking on Niagara University on a rainy autumn afternoon (or maybe they just like piaying in the mud)? The Hockey Bengals have a fine facility on campus as do the Lady Dengal volleyballers. Football, soc– cer, and tennis round out the fall sports schedule.

Dr Lee Ann Grace

Like a Postcard...

The city of Buffalo is full of beauty spots. From the City Hall observation deck one can look north over the west side neighbor– hoods and the Niagara River, or south over the downtown office buildings, the new MarineMidlandArena and Lake Erie. Dela– ware Park, Forest Lawn Cemetary, and the Buffalo Psychiatric Center all provide quiet peaceful views. And, beau tybeing in the eye of the beholder, ]ate afternoon sun can turn even an empty factory into a glowing color study. Of course the photo at the top of this page isn't Buffalo at all- it's a view in Siena, Italy, a home-away-from-home for a differ– ent group of BSC students each seme ter.

___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Jeff Sm1lh BSC is more than bricks and concrete. The flora and fauna bring it to life- whethet· it's large groups of people in grassy quadrangles, or a solitary scholar beneath an evergreen.

Everyone has their own pace around the campus. Some gather outside Cassety Hall for a smoke, others sit in the stm and talk. Occasionally little events create a bit of excitement such as the morning that tickets for a thought-to-he-sold-out Pearl Jamconcert went on saleor the afternoon the chicken barbeque set off smoke alarms in Cassety Hall bringing the trucks ofBuffalo Fire Department. And there's always some promotion going on, whether it's Alice Sullivan recruiting for the Sexuality Center or Casting Hall actors publicising their next production.


The Inauguration of Dr. Muriel Moore, BSC's 7th President

O n Friday, October 25, 1996, when SUNY Chancellor John W. Ryan placed a medallion around her neck~ Dr. Muriel Moore officially became the seventh president of BSC. The event was witnessed (in-person and on closed-circuit TV) by some 1500members of the BSC and Buffalo communities and visitors from all over the country. Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello, USG President William Maloney, Alumni Association President Franz Ross, UB President Wil– liam Greiner, and Moore's brother- ESC's Assistant Admissions Director Fajri Ansari- all spoke before Moore gave her inaugural address.

The ceremony took place in a packed Rockwell Hall Auditorium. Three of ESC's past Presidents (left) were on hand for the occasion: D. Bruce Johnstone stands behind E.K. Fretwell and Paul Bulger.

Photos by Jeff Smith and Annette Motak

United Students' Govern– ment President Will Maloney (above) addressed the assembly, welcomingDr. Moore.Before the ceremony some of BSC's musicians entertained in the Rockwell Hall lobby while students and faculty gathered and prepared to enter the audi– torium.

State Assemblyman Arthur 0. Eve (above) was among the distinguished attendees. At left, some studentswatch the proceedings on TV in the Stu– dent Union lobby.


After the ceremony, guests walked to a tent in the Union Quad for a reception. Students, faculty, administrators, and all sorts of guests from educational, political and business commu– nities celebrated th~ occasion.

The Siena Program: fl Semester in Italy

Photographs courtesy ofDr. Lee Ann Grace and the International Studies Office

E ach semester a small group of BSC students spends several months tudying in Siena, Italy. These students live with local families aml take courses in art, art history, and ltaJ ian history, with fre– quent field tr·ips to museums and historical sites in Siena and other parts of Italy. The visiting students are treated to the wonderful atmosphere of this heautiful city, including the land– mark tower of the Palazzo Publico and the Campo where the Falll996 group assembled one November af– ternoon.

Above, the BSC group poses in the Siena Campo with students from other SUNY colleges.

The time I spent in Siena was far more enlightening than a simple trip to a foreign country - it left me with memories and wisdom I couldn't have found anywhere else. Living, sleeping, and eating with an Italian fa1nily revealed to me the reality of the country as an inhabitant rather than as a tourist. This medieval city brought to me a vision which history books and documentaries could never convey.


My life will never be the same.

- Roxanne Marinello February 1997

An Autumn Scrapbook

The fall semest er is usually full of various celebrations and parties: Homecoming, Welcome Back Barbeques, and- this year - a 125th Birthday Party.

Photos courtesy of Kate Ward, Student Life Office

. ry:!7· \. II


t"""'\1 ;:JUEI;EJ

· , r · · '-.. Jj)Jj~fJ~


1 Brook Dun 2 Megan Arzt 3 Lori Galipea u 4 K<·ll y Bachman 6 Colleen Easlerby 7 Mar) Kubanel 8 Beth Hintermeier 9 Jessica Curatolo 10 Elizabeth Collins ll Wendy GarriHon 12 Jesse Leonard

Goa li e

llead Coach - Rachell<' Galipeau Assistant- ~ikki Vandenberghe

Def For For Def For Def Def Mid Def Def Mid For Mid Def Def Ylid Mid

The Lady Bengal Soccer team finished their season with a record oj'2 wins and 12 losses. The Men did a little bette1; winning 4 games against 13 losses.

]:3 Christine Zimm('rmann

14 Kristen Peterson


15 Stacie £yans

16 ll eather ~1cPa rtlan

17 Dorothy Ly

20 Mary Palaimo 211. Eileen Schubrrt 25 Laura Brandt


r'f :':JVCCBr


1 Ch ri s Hershey 2 Eric SchmidL 3 Alfredo Longo 4 Adam Owlett 5 Sanlos Cayetano 6 A nclrew Prozik 7 Wipoy l ssari yares 8 William Vasquez 9 Miehael Rooney 10 l siam Sall aj 11 Dan Bardeen 12 Alan Bal sdon 13 Ri ch Paige 14 Sean Smith 15 Mauhew Tribo 17 John Canino 19 Mi chael Gay 20 Tomas Morris Jr


Def Mid


Def Mid Mid Mid Mid For Def For For Def Def Def For For Def For



16 Matthew Von Di ezelski

Head Coach -Anthony Massop Assistant- Chris Spacone Captains - Chris Hershey, Rich Paige, Michael Rooney

21 Gary Mac ri 22 Carl Clark 23 Scott Martin


1996 Bengals Coach Jerry Boyes' Bengal foo tball team lore through the schedule again this year compiling a 8 \Vins-lloss regular season record and heading into post-seaon play with high hopes. But the Bengals posL-season nemisis, Rowan college, eliminaled the Bengals from the championship chase- thi s time a single exlra point being the difference .

1996 SCHEDULE Sept. 14 St. John Fischer

w w w w w w w w L

The 1996 Bengals were the 5th consecutive BSC football team to qualify for the NCAA Division III playoffs.

Sept. 21 Washington & Jefferson

Sept. 28 Cortland


Oct. 5

Southern Connecticut St. Univ.

Oct. 19 Oct. 26 Nov. 2 Nov. 9 Nov. 16



University of Rochester

Ithaca College


Nov. 23 Rowan College


Top: Quarterback Tracy Bacon launches a pass against Rowan College. Above: The BSC fans get excited at UB's staduim, the site of all of the Bengal's home games due to renovations at Coyer Field; Kicker Nicholas Depaola attempts a field goal. At right: Receiver/punter Mike Zappia sucks in some oxygen on the sideline.


}flo a t;(J a) l


30 ean Gabel


58 Aaron Woloszyn 62 Darryl Lindel l 63 Lloyd Seaborn 66 Ryan Schlotterbeck 67 Russel Calanni 68 Carl Petroziello 69 Jason Andre 71 Jim Brady 72 Dm e Idzi k 71· John Randesi 75 \ick \ilia 77 Dan Lauta 78 Jo<' Marvin 79 Saeed harif 84 Shonclell Kirton 85 Marc , immons 89 Joe Vlarchiltc 90 Jason \\ hi tfield 91 Jim Ht>icleman 92 ate \ anOstrand 95 Lukt> illiman 98 G<>orge Steimer 81 Eric Slack

3 Lamont Rhim 4 Shino Ellis 5 AI Thomes 6 Patri ck Noe 8 Mike Zappia


31 Michael Gazdik :32 Seott Sm i I h 33 Eward Carter 34 Jason Kolb :35 Jason Waterman :36 Timothy Nelson :39 Brandon Janesz 10 Brian llillman


10 Rodney Randall ll Adrian ll umphre)

12 Craig Dana 13 Alex Perry

42 Dan Dixon

15 Cameron Difeliee 16 John Anzalone 17 Shannon 'mit h 18 Nicholas Depao la 20 Derek DiFelice 21 George BlaC'kmon 22 Perez Dinkins 2:3 Jon eureuther 24 Kevin Fe liC'ian 25 Oc ie Bennell 19 Tracy Bacon

ll· -\aron \ anderlip 45 Da\ icl Da,idzik

16 Eric Temple


4 7 Anthon) Co\\ er t8 Jeffrey Reisn<>r 49 Jon Crumle) 50 Chad Kingsley 51 Chris Pietrzyk 52 Bra in Payne 5:3 Steve Cho le\\a 51 Brad Anderson 55 Omar Rimhm i 56 Mike Zueh 57 Jason ,\ bram





c c c

26 Ron Amici

27 Shermarwin Sherman


29 Chris Penn


Above: The Bengals gather for the ride back to BSC following the playoff loss at UB. At left: Fullback Scott Smith heads for daylight as he breaks through the Cortland Red Dragons' defensive line during the Homecoming game victory.


F F' F

18 Brain Hannigan 19 Chris Ciamaga 20 Spencer Zaha 21 Bryan Young 22 Mike Pacholczak 23 Pe ter Canney 24 Jon Sonderman 25 Regis Man·ale 26 Travis Ramsay 27 Steve Schilkey


1 Jason Fritzius 2 Sam Monaco 3 Erik Bernardi 5 Jeff Ventura 6 Dave Erwin 7 Steve V erostko




8 Tim Chow


9 Joe Nuszkowski

14 J. D. Prater 16 Mike Lusk 17 Jeff Ienco



29 Mike Smith


30 Jamie Ronayne

Head Coach- Jim Fowler Coaches - Mark Frankenfeld, David Cooper, Joel Burridge, Marc Jaggonl Manage rs- Jessica Gaeta, Matt Duras


Photos by Jeff Smith


TENNIS Angela Donn Kelly Frost Jeanne Hocieniec Lois Hogan

Lynne Koscielniak f-t~.J~~· Katrina Lindstorm ..,...._~:· Emily Miller

Head Coach -Nanette Payne

VOLLEYBALL 1 Kate Applegate 3 Melania Kosanovich 4 Erin Garvey 5 Christy Singleton

6 Melissa Fraas 8 Amber· Kehr 9 Phons Philarom 10 Jessica Mang 11 Colleen Zaranek 12 Debbie Taylor 13 Wendy Deuschle 14 Stephanie Reimer 15 Tami Sartori 16 Nicole Pimienta

Head Coach - Glen McClary Assistants- Dave McClary, Su. an McClary



Matthew Baehr Paul Becigneul Chris Doherty

Joe Draganac Mark Gedeon Evan Houck Doug Newman Ben Rosenthal Marco Stankovic Frank Wyzykowski Jason Zuch

Head Coach: Keith Bullion Asst. Coach: Paul Dotterweich Managers: Peter Dupre, Shanna Edwards

WOMEN~s SWIMMING &DIVING Amy Anderson Wendy Berg Amy Galeza Mary Kuhanet Samantha Mongin Jillin Oswald Robyn Schweitzer Carrie Siemucha Sara Stewart Julie Williams

Head Coach: Keith Bullion Asst. Coach: Paul Dotterweich Managers: Peter Dupre, Shanna Edwards


r,. I

· fJ . I Jif.11gny J ... :JJ,llD . I

BSC has a proud tradition of rugby and the 1996-97 Mad Dogs represented themselves and the school with pride. In the fall the Mad Dogs lost their first two tests to Colgate and Rochester Institute of Technology and it looked like they were in for a long, rocky season. But then, amid the mo t seven' weather condjtions., they broke their loosing treak and heat St B

WOMEN'S CROSS COUNTRY Alison Boris Shannon Bugenhagt>n Jennifer Eastman Tamirah Haywood Lynn Lamhright Heather Miles Chery1Mitchell Jennifer Petralito Laurie Ann Scantlin Sandra Spoth 3rd at SUNYAC Championship J\IEN'S CROSS COUNTRY Frank Bogdan Brad Boyle James Cassie Ira Casterline Matthew Daniels Glenn Kaifas Samantha Stieve Trisha Tyminski Sherry Yale Arnie Zinzola Jen Zuege

Pedro Melendez Richard Parker Joseph Silliman Paul Soricelli

11th at State Championship 7th at SUNYAC Championship 2nd at Hobart and William Sm,ith Invitational

Cross Country Head Coaf'h: Jame Ramos Assistant Coaches: Joli Czamara, Nancy Kruszka


WOMEN'S TEAM Carla Becker Sh annon Bugenhagen Charlen e Bused< Simone Cht·istian T"mir"h 1-f"ywood Lynn Lambright Sianne Mahoney Nortar hia Marrow Heathee Miles Cher yl Mitchell Beth Moles Megen Punancy J ennifer Quagliata Sanely Spoth Samantha Stieve Trisha Tyminski Pam Urbanek Sherry Yale Amie Zinzola MEN'S TEAM Winth t·op Allen Der ek Baket· Don Bardeen Demetrius Bennett Frank Bogdan Justin Boo th Daniel Budney Matt Daniels Adam Garfinkel James Geniti Greg Glaser Terrell Hicks Dwight IloJlis Brian Hondzinski Dan Moles Adam Owlett Curtis Reed Mike Small Justin Steele Sean Tryon John Walton Coach: Anthony Massop Coach: Nancy Bennett


, ·

r v

fj ·1·1 ll D111BJ.t ~ D3Lt;JJ~B£D£J..,.!/ 1 . ~ l


10 Celina Torres L3 Tina Williams 21 The resa Wal sh


31 Molly Browne 32 Krista King 35 Yashica Martin 40 Renee WiLL 41 icole Georgi


22 Stephanie Menzel 23 Kimberly Ras in ski 25 Kaluwa Dobos u 30 Lindsay Wertman

Head Coach- Gail F. Maloney Ph .D.

Coaches- Joe Pi scopo, Bachie Smith, Angie Abraham. Tim \Yilliams

The 1996 Lady Bengals Basketball Team fini shed the sPason \lith an ll wins, l


Top and above: The Lady Bengals take the floor against Geneseo at the BSC Sports Arena. Left: Renee Witt and Lady Bengal Celina Torres hang with the Bengal Mascot.


Game photos by Kham Sourakakone

In February 1997 the Bengals played Fredonia at the brand new Marine Midland Arena in downtown Buffalo. Above, a Bengal jumpshot heads for the hoop. At right, Coach Dick Bihr huddles with the team during a time-out.



3 1ike Cosgrove L1 Erik O'Bryan 12 dave Cavanaugh 15 Earl Carpend(>r 23 Mike O'Bryan 30 Raheem \\ alson 3;~ '1ike Murph) 34 Robin Grant 35 David Kean 42 Aljami Durham 45 Dwayne Jackson


50 Justin Booth 5-l Scoll Vlorris 55 Alfredo Ortiz




Head Coach- Dick Bihr Coaches- Davf' Konst, Dave Merlo, Rashiem Young. Hans Koppenhoef'er


Kham Sourakakone

The basketball Bengals defeated host Cortland in the 1997 State University of New York Athletic Conference Championship game, 59-43. BSC, under Head Coach Dick Bihr, captured its third consecutive men's SUNYAC basketball title. BSC was led by Tour– nament Most Valuable Player Dwayne Jackson. Jackson, a senior from Buffalo scored IS points, brought down five rebounds and had four blocked shots in the final game against Cortland, and scored 20 points against Potsdam in the semi finals. Joining Jackson on the All Tourment Team was Bengal Dave Cavanaugh. The Bengals went on to additional post season play with a 19-8 record.



r-, r ~ "--- ( . (. ( ( .r , · 1


• [

r- "' ~T

.r ( . , .J ( ........., ........., r :JJ_)_ ...,.1)~-- ~- - ...1~~.1 J_)~~Jj

SOFTBALL l Autumn Pewnrose 2 Kym Harris 3 Destra Tontala 4 Nicole Cefaratti 5 Colleen Zaranek 6 Jacque Atkinson 7 Marcy Bochinski 8 Melissa Kenney 9 Renee Witt 10 Judy Catalano 11 Alisa DeJoseph 12 Jennifer Brosius 13 Karen Craig 14 Alison Boris 15 Tanya Aquino 18 Robyn Levisy 19 Connie Mueller 21 Meegan Hill 22 Tami Thuman 23 Jamie Brown 24 Cheryl DiPasquale 25 Kari Raymond LACROSSE 2 Elizabeth Kukoda 3 Megan Arzt 4 Jennifer Zuege 5 Ann Chelus 6 Kristen Yates 7 Melissa Nahigian 9 Heather Towle 10 Heather Riel 15 Melania Kosanovich 16 Gali Horesh 17 Jennifer Mitchell 20 Rebecca Ryan 21 Eileen Schubert

Coach: Sandra Hollander Assistant Coaches: Pam Amabile, Nanette Payne

Coach: Nicole VanDenBerghe Assistant Coaches: Dan Smith, Vicky Williams, Jessica Seneca


nited Students~ Government

The Fall Semester Senate. Above Top Row: Habeeba Pasha, Tom Peccoraro, Andre Masters, Russell Wheeler, Sal Manaco, Bretton Rlaich, Chris Milton, Joe Malfitano, Joe Thompson, Ken Perreault Jr., Second Row: Karen Westerman, Celeste Smith, Michelle Lawrence, Jeff King, Amy Castalia, Lori Prichett, Kelly Frost, Angie Fiorellino, Meegan Hill, Dennis Pfaffenbach, Tunisha Walker, Danisha, Muhammed, David Haddad (USG Business Manager), Dan Velasquez, Swanda Wiggins, Keri Guillaume, Erica Pearson, Brande Hunt, Margaret Greinwich


The Spring Semester Senate. Above back: Michael J. Moore, Ron Rowe, Joseph Malfitano, Andre Masters, David Shutt, Michelle Lawrence, Amy Castallo, Salvatore Monaco, Russell Wheeler, Sheriffe Humphrey, Patti Nabinger, Kari Guillaume, Renard Vickerie, Darren Pogue, John Christopher. Front: Celeste Smith, Dennis Pfaffenbach, Tunisha Walker, Chris Milton, Ken Perreault, Rimma Muchnk, Julie Wolasz, Bruce Lucca. Seated: Swanda Wiggins, Brande Hunt.

All photos by Jell Smtih

USG President Will Maloney greets new Senators


Elms 1997

Connie M. Shafi Editor in Chief

Carmen Gallardo Business Manager

Harold Moss Sports Editor

MiGhael PaluGh Associate Editor

J effrey Smith Photo Editor

Antonio Tol edo WJ'OUt Editor

Wendy Vasquez Copy Editor

Lynnette Trudeau Photographer

Arthur Murray Photographer

Dave Meinzer Support Service

Khamseng Sourakakone Photographer

Chris Gross Office Management (Fall)

Above: Jeff, Dave, and

Connie choose material for the 1997 Elms. Right: Harold and Jeff promote the Elms in the student union.


Wendy Vasquez

Top: Our "Kham" photographer (left) and Mike "Yesterday ECC, today Buff State, tomorrow the world" (right). Middle: Lynette "ferretting" out the camp scene (left) and lovely Wendy.

Bottom: Tony, Connie and Dave order lunch.


Adelante Estudiantes Latinos

Above Left to right standing Ebelise Vargas, Lilly Crispin, Aracelies Castillo, Mark Rivera, Edwin Gil, Wendy Olivia, Rodriguez Suzanne, Jackie Sirgo,

Anthony Camacho, Anthony Hechanova, Alex Serrano, Vanessa Gonzalez, Angel Acevedo, Louis Cruz, Myra Maldonado, Nelson Esquerdo, Paul Yanez, Front row William Velasquez,

Luis Palaguachi Danny Barreto,


Students flock to Apollo Night On Saturday, November 9, 1996 AASO staged their annual Apollo Night Talent Show in the Campbell Student Union Social Hall.

Photos by Wendy Vasquez






J\rrican American Student Organization

Above Standing Jim, Steve, Kennith Williams, Gail Wells, Domanica Lee, Jennifer, Whitson, Angelica Bracero, Erica King, Qualisha King, Kelly Jones, Sharon Strohman, Jamal Waldron, (unknown) Sitting Noel Abbaid, Kendia Sanders, Jacqueline Weathers, Dameka Green, Ade Ogrenbadijo, Cheryl McKinley, Shirelle Duncan,

Glenda Hargrove, T rishawnda Bryant, Kneeling Duayne Writhe, Keith Fulcher, Dedrick Mohammed


rganization of Asian American Students First Row Lee Tran,

Manami Higashi, Tomoko Mikami, Scott McGraw, Dr. Liu Second Row Cheryl McCallum, Chien Wang, Debrina Wibowo, Ariel Chan, Stacey Najeeulah, Chee-Sing Yap, Dawn LaMendola

Third Row Jason Mizstal, Karen Lim, A.J. Buado, Patrick O'Hara


In the winter of 1997 OMS took a bus up to Toronto for the Chinese New Year.


Members of the Ski Club Executive Board

D. J. Cable clears a gap in Vermont

Camp weekend for Ski Club


: ~ribbean Student Organization Front Row

Norman Gagle, Roland Kitchen, Beatrice Francois, Vaughn Brown, Gwen, Edwi n Gil Back Row Kerron Kitchen, Kiesha Elliot, Petrina Jasmin Clara Finley, Peguy Delva, Rachelle Gray, Arthur Murray, Fayola, Sianne, Richard Codner, Eudson Francois, Andria Montrose, Lilia, Myrtelle Mehu, JuleneBrown, Jennifer Morrin

Photos courtesy of CSO


mmuter Council

Phil Scaggs , Melissa Gancarz (Secretary), Kathleen Bouthillier (Parliamentarian), George Surridge Ill, Nick Strascina (P.R. Guy), Julie Ortalano (Vice President), Patrick DeWind (Treasurer). The legs and feet belong to Ben Cooper, and President Benkye Martine is not pictured.

The Commuter Council, located just off the fireside lounge, responds to the needs of commuter tudents by providing stimulating conversation, warmth from the winter's chill, a haven in which to "'study" and relax between classes. These almost-but-not-quite– entirel y offensivf' people a1so offer free coffef', Lea, cocoa, soup and stuff.


eun:il for Exceptional Children

CEC is a campu chapter of a national or ganization. CEC offer s opportunities to students Lo gain experien ce in the exceplional education field.



ealth and Wellness Association

Health & Wellness Association activities include health programs, volunteer work and conferences. Members promote healthy life styles at BSC and in the local community.


Top Row: Matt Daniels, Robin Zeck, Jen Enabe, Scott Gizzi. Second Row: Sandy Fiorella, Ken Perreault, Jen Coe, Jeremy Cooper, Trish Baker, Jeremy Youngers, Vicki Johnson, Laura Schneider. Sitting: Kiki Lougen, Mike Hoyt, Orlando Ferri.

All photos by Jeff Smtih



Lshian, Gay & Bisexual Alliance

Photo by Jeff Smith Left to Right: Mary Palaimo, Elizabeth Newman, Leigh Stuber, James Thompson, Christine Petit, Don Koons,

Kristina Gibbs, Chris Colello

The LGBA is both a support group and advocaC) organization for gay and lesbian s tudents and ac ts as an information resour('Cfor s tude nts. The LCBA also promotes non– discrimina tory treatment or gays and lesbians.


Student Union Board

SUB s ponsors or co-:-. ponsor~ e ntertainme nt e\'e nts on campus including large a nd small concerts. films. lectures, coffeehouses, a nd e\'enls during the twice-a -\\ eek Be ngal Pause.

Photo by Jeff Smith

Ja Lindberg, Bryan Kaplan, Curt Rotterdam, Dave Roberts

Norm Bryant

In a ska extravaganza the Tcasters and Bim Skala Bim performed in the Social Hall in November 1996. ·-------· ·-------·


Non-Traditional Students Organization

Above front: Sue Schaffer, Dale Bieber, Reva Smith, Amanda Hilliker, Jeff Smith. Back: Dan Gambino, Mark Williams, Marv Hill, Fran Tracy, Laurie Simon, Bert, Deb Johnson, Laura Serrianne.


Photos by Jeff Smith

NTSOs: pronounced "Nut-zos"


< .....

~ • "•• ,.


•-::~~ :rr: ·"""W""%'<:"' '''i~~J1"'1?7~ ~~,:.~i~:':~"'-~'..-;,..,-~ ~:·:~-YEIT" ~P'W'". ~~'"""" ,..,__,.. ". : :&'.., '--:,, ~. " - ~

"f0:" ~•'l"'-;:;:',..,.7,1';-

,,.,P';:,'7' ;:!':;;'t; >>~:~"'~ ;f,'J- tf~'lij\)\..'-.,

,_ '"'P~~~ ... ~;~;r <:;.,.;;t~"'i":-"

Edriiiatibn Beg.iiis'. ·>-4-Jit~r· f!l~(;f.~~c: :· .··. ·> .

',,,i(_~ ;"--;.;"~-~:.•.

~ -·' "'"

,',;.;·f.:::~::,_ .~- j-· O

N- !;.•N...






The Non-Traditional Students Organization members spend much of their on-campus time in their Cassety Hall office, but occasion– ally they get away for a weekend of relaxation at the college camp. Activities there might include card games and Dorito-eating, music by member Dan Gambino and his band Indigo, and of course congregating in the kitchen.


Wilderness Adventures

Wilderne~s Adventures organtzes outings for hiking, camp111g, rafting, mountain climbing uncl more. Shown on the opposi te page is the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest North Carolina.


• • •


Portrait Top Row Bob Stern Jennifer Eighney

Jodi Ripperger Jay Zbaczyniak

Bottom Row Nancy Lavis Josh Bauer Barbara Sarah Nowak

Record Brian Luke Margaret Coghlan Michael Paluch

Greg Sweet Bruce Lucca Brian Arrington Greg Wirth Susan Laudico Mary Pasciak





Whispering Pines Camp Board

Kevin Costa, Joe Smith, Mi ke Costa, Khara Upson,

Mike Lynch (Camp Director), Rich Serapilio, Madison Boyce, Andy Kelsey, Andrea Ramsdell, Carrie Marshall, Brent Fleming.


Justin Abel, David Taylor, Brian Mahoney, Kevin Wrona, Deanna Kwiatkowski, Robin Connell


David Taylor with members of "Anatara"



At Left Top Row Ida Martinez, Jenn Lurie, Mike Wylie, Rimma Muchnik, Denise Herkey

Second Row Telisha Cooks, Sean Frawley, Chris Stvil, Tom Ross, Rob Samuels, Dave Shult, Julie Wolasz

At Right Hanging Jenn Lurie, Tom Ross, Mike Wylie, Rimma Muchnik Standing Sean Frawley, Chris Stvil, Ida Martinez, Telisha Cooks, Julie Wolasz, Dave Shutt, Rob Samuels

Kham Sourakakone


"'. S.P.I.R.I.T. Gospel c hior

S. P.l. R.l.T. (SLudenls Performing In Rh ythm and T n Truth) organizes singers and material and produces gospe l c-onc-erts in conjunction with other communiL) cho ra l groups.


Photos by Kham Sourakakone

I l ~~~ • Social Work Student Organization

Above back: Patrice Carter, Michele Tornabene, Angela Powell , Penney Losel ; front: Wendy Paxon, Aimee Eberle, Joanna Marcellette

The Social Work Students Organization sponsors discussions, lectures and presentations on topics and issues important Lo s tudents with a futu re in ocial vvor k incl uding violence, child abuse, rape, addictions, as we ll as helping s tuden ts exp lore job opportu niti es.


Photos by Kham Sourakakone

Photos by Jeff Sm1th


ress Services

Vicki Vu llo and Dave Meinzer are USC employees who run the Press Services office. Dave designs flyers, posters, brochures and other printed ma terial for student organ izati ons (as well as helping with the assembly of the Elms Yearbook) . Vicky runs the Res ume Service, helping students write good resumes and cover letters. and handling the typse tting and prin ting of student resumes.


1\:._ir & Waste Management

Sean McCabe, Dr. Vermith, Patrick Mulcahey, Peter Borkowski, Brian

Gilhooley, Rob Kipler, Matt Statter, Andrea Gawrys, Shiela Bland, Amy Ricotta, Erin Jeziorski, Tracy Colby, Nicola Petroff, Shannon Logan, Am:md:1 Rog:1n, Stephania Brool

IJ'I:!Ci~r""":~;:z:'"'::.lfll ~~IC::;'I• In the fall of 1996 the Air \\'aste Management

Association sponsored a De laware Park Clean Up Party with live music. a cook-out a nd lots of trash bags.


isual Arts Board

The Visual Arts Board sponsors student exhibits in the Upton Hall Gallery 234 as well as presenting lectures and workshops by visiting artists. The 1997 officers are shown above clockwise from top left: Roberto Romani (Parliamentarian), Dina Rivera (Secretary), Heidi Robinson (Vice President), Rose Burdziakowski (Vice Treasurer), Heather Bellavia (Treasurer), Mike Ferrara (President).


Adelantes Estudiantes Latinos

Tau Kappa Sigma

Avalanche Ski Club, First Place Award winners

One Saturday in April the USG student organizations set up tables in the Student Union lobby to provide information on student activities to high school and transfer students being recruited by the college.

Elms Yearbook


Photos by Connie Shafi and Kahm Sourakakone

Sigma Delta Tau


Visual Arts Board


Phi Sigma Kappa

International Fiesta

For a week in April the Stu– dent Union was decorated with the flags of the fifty coun– tries represented by students at BSC. On Saturday a Fiesta was held with colorful music and dance performances in the Rockwell Hall Audito– rium and a dinner and party in the Union Social Hall.


Photos by Kahm Sourakakone


International Fiesta


Photos by Kahm Sourakakone

Chris Hoek Hocks the House

Comedian Chris Rock (along with opening act Mario Joiner) was fea– tured in a well-at– tended live perfor– mance 1n the Sports Arena


Whispering Pines Camp The greatest asset to student life at BSC is the Whispering Pines College Camp. A 612 acre campground in Franklinville, NY the camp is owned and operated by USG. The enviroment of Whispering Pines emanates calmness and serenity that surrounds its visitors and instills a spirit of pleasure. Providing an escape from the stress and redunanclcy of college life the camp has been enjoyed by thousands of BSC students over the years.

Photos by Jeff Smtih except as noted



Photo courtesy of AEL

Whispering Pines Ca111p


Jeff Smith





. Thi; ~en torer .h~,b e;n erecte.d • itl honor of ..., . QR.L'OUI'S CAL:L..AN ,llf)d . ., •· . .OR.JOHNDReAN • •. fo.r t'heir. l~ng years.of ser.wi~~ · aT'ld ilntirin'g aff<>rts lfl behalf. . of t~oi col~~ camP..'.·....... . . . . . .,.. ' .. . ~ ' .. . .•.. .. ... ~~ . '

Jeff Smith


Jeff Sm1th

Frisco Kid As the featured act in this yt>ar' Caribash. the Cat·ihht>an Student Organization brought in Reggat> tar Frisco Kid who put on a great show in the Union Social Hall.

Above CSO members Arthur and Vaughn perform for the crowd. At left Reggae Superstar Frisco Kid hangs back– stage with the CSO executive board.


Spring Festivals Student organizations staged several music and fun festivals at the end of the spring semseter. Among the acts that performed in the Student Union Social Hall as part of the Spring Fling (sponsored byStudent UnionBoardandWBNY) were Ween~ Supercat~ Ga Ga~s Groove~ Labanda X~ Woody~ andMr. Yuck.The Fling also offered hamburgers~ frisbies~ and other giveaways~ and a "virtual-reality ride." The Caribbean Student Organization had their annual Caribash with the Frisco Kid and Papa Jube. Student Union Board~s Spring Fest (in the Sports Arena) fea– tured rap acts Busta Rhymes~ Doug E. Fresh~ and Horace Brown.



Dr. Ron Stewart and Sheriffee Humphries Dave Haddad, Will Maloney, Chris Milton

Mary Kirkwood and Sheriffee Humphries

Arthur Murray and Sheriffee Humphries

Dave Meinzer and Sheriffee Humphries


lJSG BantJUet At the end of April the Uni ted Students' Government held their annual Awards Banquet at the Holiday Inn. Members of many USG organizations were on hand as well as representatives of the BSC faculty, staff, and administration and awards were given to various stu– dents and staff.

1997 USG AWARDS • Senator of the Year - Dennis Pfaffenbach • Administrative V.P. of the Year– Tunisha Walker • Employeee of the Year - Dave Haddad • Organization of the Year - Health & Wellness • Organization of the Year - Caribbean Student Organization • Treasurer of the Year- Marlon Roberts • President's Award - Chris Milton • Professor of the Year - Dr. Ron Stewart • I0 Years of Service- Mary Kirkwood • 20 Years of Service - Dave Meinzer • Hall of Fame - Dave Meinzer • Meritorious Service - Larry Draper


Greeks Thirteen frat~rnities and fourteen sororities are repre– sented at BSC. They engage in many activities including Homecoming, Project White– face, and various fundraisers and parties. Shown here are Sigma Tau Rho (top), Phi Beta Sigma and Alpha Phi Alpha together at a inter-greek bas– ketball gam~ (midd1e), and Phi Sigma Sigma (bottom). Below is a greek float in the homecoming parade.



Muriel A. Moore, Ph.D. President of the College

Thomas J. Quatroche, D.Ed. Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Kathryn A. Moran, M.S. Interim Dean, Undergraduate Studies Leon Sntith, Ph.D. Director, Academic Standards Cynthia Eggleston, M.S.Ed. Interim Director, Educational Opportunity Program Lee Ann Grace, Ph.D. Director, International Education Susan 0. Zirin, M.Ed. Director, New Student Programs and Academic Advisement M. Virginia Wyly, Ph.D. Interim Associate Vice President and Dean Graduate Studies and Research Dennis K. Ponton, Ph.D. Associate Vi ce President, Planning and Resources Hal D. Payne, J.D. Vice President for Student Affairs Phillip Santa Maria, Ph.D. Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Walker M. Allen, Ph.D. Associate Vice President and Dean of Enrollment Management Gail F. Malone, Ph.D. Interim Director of Athletics Stanley Kardonsky, Ph.D. Vice President for Finance and Management Dorcas L. Colvin, M.A. Associate Vice President, Human Resource Management Jesse L. Campbell, M.P.A. Director, Puhlic Safety Edward T. Hunt, Jr., B.S. Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Executive Director, Buffalo State College Fotmdation Karen Merkel-Liheratore, B.A.

Director, Alumni Affairs Gary E. Vickers, M.B.A. Executive Director, Faculty-Student Association


Left: Phi I Santa Maria, Dean of Students, speaks at the memorial service for Jackie Skinner. Right: Gwen Wooten, Senior Admissions Advisor

Dr. Lee Ann Grace (right) in the International Education Office

Sue Zirin (right) and her staff at the New Student Programs and Academic Advisement Office.

Director of Student Life Kate Ward shows off her Bengal Tiger souvenir collection.


Faculty & Departments

FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE AND EDUCATION Betty J. Cappella, lnterim Dean Richard]. Lee, Associate Dean

Educational Foundations Department James D. Rotella, Donald E. Carter David T. Converse Noreen Cronin Wanda Davis Frank P. Diulus Ann Egan Jane M. Ervolino Marilyn Flavin Timothy Gallineau James A. Gold Ronald Gramza Albert Grande Donald Grasso Frederick C. Howe James Klapp Nancy J. Kraus Robert Macey Joseph J. Moran Mary Nix Carol A. Nochajski James Palermo N. John Popovich Carolyn Schmidt-Bova Constance Weaver Kathleen Zatkos Jenny Yau

Elementary Education and Reading Department David Day, Chairperson John Amrozowicz Maria Augirre-Ortiz Beverly Bartel

Business Department Mary A. Davis, Chairperson Solochidi 01. Ahiarah John DeNisco Leonard R. Graziplene Dale W. Janowsky Andrew J. J oniak Joseph M. Kelly Michael Littman Thomas J. Morrisey Kevin F. Mulcahy Daniel S. Ricigliano Benjamin Sackmary Lynn M. Scalia Howard R. Stanger

Computer Information Systems Department William C. Schultz, Chairperson Charles Arbutina Robert A. Clark William Lin Carl H. Naeher Anthony Nowakowski

Interim Chairperson

John Beaver Harry Beno Elfreda Blue

Evelyn Cooper Henry Dowski Lois Frazita Richard Frazita

Lawrence W. Scott Barbara Sherman Charles Wertz

Steven Gittler Carol Hodges Glenn Hurst Kay Johnson-Gentile Judy Jones Irene Kent Leslie Keyser-Day Pauline Klosterman Lenore Levy Peter Loehr Rosemary Lonberger Russell Macaluso David Maul Kathleen Miller Vera Monroe Rosemary Murray

Criminal Justice Department Robert D. Pursley, James G. Fox James R. Gillham Scott L. Johnson Sam Maislin Caroline Patchel Debra Ross John Huey-Long Song

Center for Studies in Creativity Scott Isaksen, Director

Interim Chairperson

Roger Firestien Mary Murdock Gerard Puccio Marie Mance

Donald O'Brien Stephen Phelps Arthur Robinson Anita Schaubert Neel Schimizzi Mary Shea Carol Stevens Sarah Weidler George Wenner


Associate Professor Andrew Joniak of the Business Deparment




- ..

Left: Professor Joniak makes a point in class.

Right: Dr. Michael Littman of the Business Department Associate Professor, John DeNisco of the Business Deparment


Faculty & Departments

Social Work Department


Technology Department

Exceptional Education Department Sharon Cramer, R. Bruce Baum Patricia Bazulka Jacqui Berger Chairperson

Hospitality and

Charles A. Beasley,

Fashion Department J. Patrick Dexter,



Suk Y. Oh,

Lebanon Arrington Christopher Aviles Michael Cercone

Stephen N. Andre Proves R. Banks, Jr. D. Steven Barker Richard A. Butz Mohan S. Devgun John J. Earshen Deborah Rindfuss Ellis Ilya Y. Grinberg Gordon E. GtJ'fner Anthony Hotchkiss Steven E. Kennedy David J. Kukulka Ronald C. Matusiak James McCarthy Slade Gellin Stephanie R. Goldberg


Nutrition Program

Louis A. Colca Eddie Davis Jesse Grossman

Donna Hayes Sharon Huff Janet Overdorf Mary Platek Tejaswini Rao Martha Reddout

Cathy Boehm

Judith A. Bondurant-

Barbara Huddleston-



Emily Eisenbaum Linda K. Gleckel Warren Gleckel

Ellen T. Kennedy Shirley A. Lord Ronnie Mahler Phyllis Pomerantz Charlotte Raspberry

Bill Scheider

Gail Holahan

Fashion Technology

Carmen J. Iannaccone


Alize Kozen

David Brinson

Alice Sullivan Kathy Thomas

Michaelene Meger Andrew Pacioni David Pomerantz Mark P. Posluszny Sharon Raimondi Katherine Sacca Sarita C. Samora Bob Schooley Maureen Smith Racquel Smith Paul L. Thoms Robin Tirado Richard Towne Philip A. Weaver Idajean Windell Lynn Sommerstein

Richard Dudkowski

Rashida Williams

Colleen Frey

Nancy Holloman-

Allen Yasgur

David Miller


John S. Montague Peter S. Pawlik Howard Payne

Mary Lohr

Elaine Polvinen Cherry Searle

Speech Language

James M. Shea


Richard Stempniak

Department Nancy J. Lund,

Food Systems

Management Program


Stephen Burgeson Mark Mistriner Kathleen O'Brien

Sally Arnold

Karen Bailey-Jones

Gary Jones

H. G. Parsa

Nancy Russell

Marcia Taylor

Janice Weinstein

Lori Till

Barbara Weitzner-Lin


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