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Meet the Team Behind Your Meals APRIL 2020

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There’s something to be said about having a job you enjoy, especially when that job involves cooking food for other people. You can taste the difference between a meal that was made by someone who cares and a meal that was made by someone who just wanted to get something onto the plate. The former is made with love, as they say. That’s why when we bring someone into our kitchen, we look for a person who is always going to cook with love. They have to care about nourishing people just as much as they care about cooking good food. This is exactly the approach our sous-chef, Jameson, brings into the kitchen every day. CHEF OF ALL TRADES

How Jameson Cooks From the Heart

eggs. This was the start of my passion for food. The start of my culinary career — aka my first job — was delivering pizzas. In the beginning, delivering pizzas was the only way for me to be around food. While I enjoyed making people’s nights when I arrived with hot, fresh pizzas, I never felt like I was necessarily making their lives better. After seven years of making deliveries, I got burnt out. I started looking for a change, someplace where my passion for food could really do some good. October Kitchen fit the bill. At the time, a friend of a friend worked at October Kitchen. I stopped in to check things out and was extremely fortunate that Chef Jeff got me a job here. Under Chef Paul and Chef Kevin, I worked my way up to the top as a sous-chef. I put my time in at the kitchen, helping out where I could and being a sort of “chef of all trades.” My goal was to learn everything there is to know from everybody here. There’s something to be said about making food for people and having them enjoy it. I’ve always really taken pride in being able to make food our customers appreciate. In addition to being sous-chef, I’m also

“I’ve always really taken pride in being able to make food our customers appreciate.”

Before I started at October Kitchen, all I could make was Pop-Tarts and scrambled eggs. But in my defense, I could make a mean scrambled egg. Growing up, my favorite meal was breakfast for dinner. It was a common dish in my mom’s repertoire. When I helped my mom make dinner, she would put me in charge of the scrambled

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