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h e n y o u t h i nk about a positive dining experience, Hutchinson offers free energy assessment & analysis of energy efficient upgrades The Madison goes green with Direct Install W assessment. About Hutchinson

Hutchinson is a lead- ing energy/mechanical services contractor per- forming energy services, mechanical construc- tion and retrofit installa- tion work in the Greater Philadelphia Tri-State Region. Hutchinson’ s technicians are factory trained, NATE certified and are on-call 24/7 365 days a year. Visit www. hutchbiz.com for more information. 

delicious food, stellar ser- vice and ambiance are likely at the top of your list. But what about comfort? The Madison, an upscale restaurant and event venue in Ri vers ide , NJ whi ch hosts countless weddings and other special events throughout the year , i s constantly looking for ways to improve the customer ex- perience, and that includes a comfortable environment for its patrons. The Madison turned to Hutchinson, a participat- ing contractor for Direct Install – offered through the NJ Office of Clean En- ergy. Hutchinson performed a free energy assessment and analysis of energy ef- ficient upgrades and deter- mined that The Madison was qualified for Direct In- stall, which covers up to 70 percent of energy efficient upgrades. “You can’t take a chance for your patrons to be un- comfortable,” said Tim Elia- son, The Madison’s general manager. “It was important for us to make this invest- ment and found great value working with Hutchinson and the Direct Install pro- gram. The savings was sig- nificant.” The Madison’s 12-year- old HVAC equipment was upgraded to four new high- efficiency units. “Instead of nickel and diming and paying maintenance and replacing parts, it made more sense to replace the outdated units and reap the benefits through Direct Install,” said Eliason. As part of Direct Install, Hutchinson also replaced and upgraded interior and exterior LED lighting to reduce utility costs. Hutchinson also updated The Madison’s refrigerated walk-in units by install- ing controls to increase efficiency – ensuring food is stored at the proper tem- perature. The controls also monitor defrosting and tem- peratures to make sure coils don’t overwork and freeze. To l e a r n mo r e ab ou t Hutchinson and its energy service offerings, contact them to schedule an energy

The Madison

“Going green is important to us.” Steve McLaughlin VP of Finance and Operations, Bestwork

70% of the cost will be covered.

Upgrade to energy efficiency with Direct Install from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ and up to

Direct Install is brought to you by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

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William A. Hutchinson Jr, LMP, Plumbing Lic. #5041. Edward P. Hutchinson, Master HVAC Contractor Lic. #22700. Hutchinson HIC Reg. #13VH01747500.

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