Bruce Law Firm November 2018

Celebrating What We Have November 2018


Just a few minutes ago, I stepped outside my office, and I heard thunder in the distance. The heat and humidity haven’t gone away, but even when it’s stormy, I’m thankful to live here — it’s paradise, isn’t it? And luckily, there’s more to be thankful for than just the weather. As we wrap up our second year as a firm, and I am grateful to all the people who’ve been part of this journey: the people who’ve referred clients to us, the clients who trust us to guide them through challenging times, and my incredible team, including attorneys Rosalie Cruz and Charles Thompson, and our paralegals Nicole and Jennifer. I look around our office, and I’m very excited about working with these folks who bring not just experience and knowledge about family law to our team, but also compassion and authenticity to our clients. It’s incredible to see the growth that’s happened over the last two years. We have monthly team meetings, and it used to be me and Nicole. Now all of a sudden, I look around during our meetings and our conference room is almost too small! It emphasizes how our firm is growing, and that’s thanks to the people who’ve trusted us to improve their lives.

Reflecting on two years as a firm, I think about the identity and culture that have blossomed from our core since the beginning. As you know, we are a very family-oriented firm — everybody who works here has at least one child under 6, and for all of us, family is very important. We put our all into our work so we can go home at the end of the day and be with our families. That compassion and caring reflects back on our clients. We provide them with the service that we would expect someone to provide to our family members. We’re aware that we serve a very important role in our clients’ lives. We get to help them through really tough times, and that’s not something we take lightly. For Thanksgiving this year, I’ll be spending the holiday with my family. When I was younger, we went to my mom’s house every Thanksgiving, and all our family gathered there. But after a few more degrees, marriages, and kids, our family has gotten a little more scattered, and we don’t have one central gathering place. So this year, our tradition is making new traditions. Ashley, Russell, Ruby and I are heading five hours north to Jacksonville to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and her family. Remember when I mentioned our dream travel trailer? Well, Ashley and I made that dream come true, so we’ll load up the new trailer with the kids and make a trip out of it. Our plan is to stop at a few scenic spots along the route to Jacksonville, like St. Augustine, whose claim to fame is being the oldest city in America. We’re excited to see the Spanish architecture, beaches, and Anastasia State Park, which is a protected wildlife sanctuary there. Hanna Park in Jacksonville is also on our list for its hiking trails and lake. This will be our second time taking the trailer out on a major road trip, so wish us luck! I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m looking forward to making some new traditions this year. Even when things change, you get to make the holidays what you want them to be. For us, that’s the open road and time together.

How will you spend Thanksgiving?

– Chris Bruce

Ashley and the kids making s’mores!

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