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A121 Gaming Sofa Birthday

FP6285 The Cyclist

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What I like about being a Flamingo Paperie Partner…

I was 16 the day our starter kit arrived – it was like Christmas! My Mum and I sat in the middle of a card carpet overwhelmed and very excited! It was lockdown and there were no events happening, so I got inventive with my selling and created ‘browse baskets’, a selection of cards that I left with customers to look through in their own home in their own time. I love the flexibility of Flamingo Paperie. As soon as I finished my A levels, I couldn’t wait to get back to events and get togethers! Social Media plays a large part in my strategy. I use Instagram and Facebook to share products. I have created an online community and have customers as far away as the Isle of Lewis. I’m most excited when I think of an idea and I can run a focussed campaign. Most recently, I sold 220 Cards for Ukraine. I intend to stay with Flamingo Paperie throughout university, it’s the most flexible job and let’s face it.....who can resist a gorgeous card?

FP6275 Happy Birthday (Music)


As my confidence grew and people around me started to see I was part of a great company, I realised I could start to establish my own team and some of my friends and customers decided to join me. The team has continued to grow over the years and has proved to be one of the highlights of having my own business working from home. I have loved helping my team to reach some of their goals - for some this has been to have a much-needed extra income each month. For others, it’s to pay for Christmas, home improvements, a wedding dress…!

FP6176 Birthday Footballer



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