FlippingBook Publisher 2 User Guide


CREATING YOUR FIRST PUBLICATION Step 1: Import your PDF Step 2: Select a suitable skin

Step 3: Publish your publication Step 4: Share your publication

CHANGING THE PUBLICATION APPEARANCE How to change the skin of your publication? How to change the background image of your publication? How to change the menu bars? How to change the logo in your publication? How to use your own logo as a preloader? How to change the interface language? How to remove the shadow between pages? How to add/change the top menu button? ADDING ADDITIONAL ELEMENTS How to create a Table of Contents? How to show the Table of Contents by default? How to insert links to other pages? How to insert online video into your publication? How to add pop-up images to your publication? MANAGING PAGES How initial import affects publications? How to add additional pages? What to do when your pages differ from the original PDF? How to change page numbering?

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