Brauns Law February 2018


Defining Support Where Would I Be Without You?

I will be the first to admit that, when it comes to dating, I have no game. But to be fair, I met my wife, Kaori, during our first semester of college. We met during halftime at a Clemson football game (Go, Tigers!) when we were both 18. Slowly, I managed to win her over and we started dating. However, like most 18-year-olds, I still had a little growing up to do. We broke up the same year. It wasn’t until we rekindled our romance at the end of our junior year that I realized she was the woman I wanted to marry. After college, we moved in together and have been side by side ever since. The first place we lived was this rundown little apartment with dust and light streaming through the cracks in the door. It wasn’t the nicest place, and we knew we needed

to work hard, but as long as we had each other, we knew we could make it. When we tied the knot, we were so poor we couldn’t afford a wedding. Instead, we were married outside, next to a waterfall, by a justice of the peace.

“When people talk about a ‘life partner,’ I fully believe they are describing what Kaori and I have built.”

spend too much time at the office. Kaori knows that what I do supports my clients and our family, and she knows being an attorney is both my passion and my hobby. It’s what I love to do, and she’s given me endless support, enabling me to keep doing what I love. When people talk about a “life partner,” I fully believe they are describing what Kaori and I have built. We grew up together, and we know we’ll have each other’s backs no matter what happens. Life never fails to bring unexpected challenges, but when you face them with someone who supports you and makes you a stronger, better person, then there’s nothing you can’t accomplish together. Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life. We’ve achieved so much together, and I cannot wait to see what we we’ll do in the future. -David Brauns

Early in our respective careers, I was inspired by what Kaori could accomplish. She was on the fast-track to leadership at BellSouth. Over the course of her career, she managed successful DSL channels, analyzed and implemented marketing data, and traveled all over the world meeting with vendors. Kaori is a strong advocate for empowering other women in the corporate space and helping them rise together. I learned a lot from watching her, like how to manage people in an office setting. In the last year, she’s come on as the firm’s chief operating officer, and I am thrilled to have her expertise and support.

Being married to a lawyer isn’t easy, but she’s always supported me. I’ve never come home and heard I work too much or that I


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