The Livewell Collective - November 2018


Thanksgiving is a time to express your gratitude to the people in your life. During this time of year, plenty of companies talk about how thankful they are for their clients. But more often than not, to those clients, words of thanks feel like just another sales gimmick. If you want to show your clients how much they mean to you, here are a few ways you can express that thanks authentically. SEND A THANK-YOU NOTE Getting a letter in the mail is a nice feeling. Taking the time to send a client a handwritten letter is the kind of pleasant surprise that really makes someone feel good. Obviously, a handwritten note will take more time to craft than an email, so it’s okay to send fewer notes in order to really make an impact. Find some tips for writing awesome thank-you notes at thank-you-note. GIVE THE GIFT OF FOOD We all need to eat, so what better way to say thank you than with a healthy treat (or an O2!)? While giving this kind of gift to everyone may be cost prohibitive, consider giving something away to all participants of a busy Saturday class.


While sales and freebies can be a great way to boost your retail operation, it’s important to remember that price points aren’t the only things your members care about. Often, small quality-of-life changes that make purchases faster and easier can result in a huge uptick in revenue. That’s exactly what CrossFit Friendship discovered this year when they switched to a self-checkout system and doubled their monthly sales. While we’ve always been vocal advocates for fast, easy-to-use retail operations, we were floored by how effective this one simple change was for CF Friendship. Somewhat in disbelief, we got in touch with owner Jeff Binek for a full breakdown of the numbers. “Before we instituted [a self-checkout system], our average drink sales were $375 per month, and our average total retail was about $1,400 per month,” Jeff explains. Shortly after putting the system in place, their average drink sales jumped to $875 per month and their total retail average climbed to $2,091 — and the growth wasn’t over. “Today we do an average of $1,617 per month in drink sales and closer to $2,900 per month in retail.” Dayum, that’s impressive. When you really think about it, this boost in sales makes a ton of sense. CrossFit boxes aren’t supermarkets — people don’t go there with shopping in mind. For the average member, retail options seem like a treat or impulse purchase. The more extra steps they have to go through to treat themselves to an O2 or any other

product, more often than not, they’ll talk themselves out of it. Making a purchase fast and easy does wonders to dispel these prepurchase doubts. Of course, automating your checkout system doesn’t mean you can ignore the human elements of retail. When you first install the system, you’ll need to put in the legwork to educate your members on how it works. A new system, even if it’s more convenient, can intimidate would-be buyers if they don’t know how to use it. Setting up a self-checkout system has never been easier or more affordable. CrossFit Friendship’s setup uses an Amazon Kindle, which sells for as little as $40 online. When paired with proper education, these systems can lead to happier members and increased profits. Get after it.


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