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Empowering Small Practices to Deliver the Best Care

If you live in an area that experiences heavy rains or hurricanes, you get flood insurance. It’s just that simple. When a threat to our safety and security is more than a one-in-a-million shot, it’s smart to play defense against that threat. And yet, despite the self-evidence of this idea, too many business owners don’t do enough to defend against cybercrime, a threat every company faces in 2019. You need to ask yourself if your business is living in an uninsured home, as it were, before it’s too late. According to Roger A. Grimes, 11-year principal security architect for Microsoft and cybersecurity columnist and speaker, “Eventually, every company is hacked.” It’s easy to convince yourself that your company is immune to a breach. Maybe you tell yourself you’re too small to draw the attention of cybercriminals, but that preconception is mistaken. Hackers target any business they think they can victimize. Small businesses lacking the security resources of major corporations make easy targets for a quick buck. There is no size or industry that precludes a business from being attacked. If you’re open for business, you’re a target. As scary as it sounds, you have to approach IT security as though you will face a hacker at some point down the road. The stakes really are that high. By taking an ignorance-is-bliss approach, you’re leaving the livelihoods of your business and your team members vulnerable to the whims of nefarious criminals the world over. So, there’s no question as to whether or not you need security measures; it’s a matter of which measures. “The two most likely reasons you will get exploited are due to unpatched software or a social engineering event where someone is tricked into installing something they shouldn’t,” Grimes notes. “It would be a stretch to claim every other exploit type in the world, added together, would account for 1% of the risk.” PROTECT YOURSELF AND TRAIN YOUR TEAM How to Combat Security Threats Before They Cripple Your Business

Patching your software is easy and keeps your defenses up to date. Updates contain security measures that protect you against the latest tactics used by hackers. Without them, you make yourself an alluring prospect for a breach attempt. You can set your software to update automatically or carve out a specific time each week to install all available updates. However you go about it, you must update regularly. Training your staff to not fall prey to social engineering requires educating them on the ways they can be duped. Nobody on your team should be unaware of phishing emails or any other disguised attempt to get them to click on a malicious link. Training should be an ongoing concern because breach methods evolve all the time. You need to work on creating ironclad policies for safe internet behavior. Once those policies are in place, you need to ensure every employee sticks to them. A great way to train your team is to set up a test with a dummy phishing attempt. If anyone falls for it, it’s time for some reeducation. Finally, you have to work with a company that’s invested in protecting your network 24/7. Those cheap companies that only show up when something’s wrong don’t make any money keeping your business immune to threats. They don’t know the ins and outs of your network and can’t act quickly in the event the worst does happen. You deserve to work with a partner who will do everything they can to prevent attacks in the first place. Though we haven’t yet figured out a way to stop floods from occurring, we do know how to deter hackers from bringing your business to its knees. The question is, are you doing enough? –Byron Adams

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