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The transition from late summer to early fall signals some of the biggest changes of the year. The days slowly grow shorter, the leaves change color, the warm weather wanes, and, most importantly, families gear up for the first day of school. While I never particularly dreaded going to classes, it wasn’t until my adult years that my perspective on education drastically shifted for the better. Early on, every time I reached an academic milestone like high school graduation or college commencement, I’d experience this brief feeling of relief, telling myself that I’d done it; I’d be on mental cruise control and never have to learn anything new ever again. Of course, because I’m a dentist, you know I definitely wasn’t done learning after my undergraduate years. But, by my first week in dental school, I’d come to appreciate a lifelong learning approach, not just in my career but also in my family’s and my life. I am constantly looking for ways to expand my knowledge and motivate myself through personal development. Beyond my scripture reading and bedtime stories with my kids, I love learning from all different sources — books, group classes, webinars, YouTube, and travel all find a place in my learning resources. As a dentist, I am required to attain a certain level of education just to keep my license active, but it’s so much more than that. Learning the latest

and greatest in the dental industry and best business practices allows me to better serve my patients, employees and family. Learning how to improve myself on a personal level allows me to be a better spouse, parent, friend, and mentor. Learning how to DIY something at home brings me peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. Learning through travel allows me to see the world differently and makes me a better steward of the things I’ve been given and grateful for the amazing world we have. Our weekly ADC Tuesday Trivia contests on Facebook are a great example of both my team’s and my love for learning and seeing people engage with informative and fun facts. When I’m not at work or adventuring with my wife and kids, I get my hands on as many self- development books as I can. One that I keep coming back to is “The ONE Thing.” Author Gary Keller suggests that by focusing their energy on one thing at a time, people can live more rewarding lives. They can build up their careers, deepen their spirituality and faith, nurture their finances, get in good physical shape, and strengthen their most important personal relationships. I came across Keller’s book four years ago, and it was a complete game changer for me. With a burgeoning practice, a demanding (but wonderful) assignment at church, and a young family at home, some days I started to feel

stretched too thin. I kept wondering, “How can I give 100 percent focus to everything at once?” The trick was to do exactly the opposite and give 100 percent focus to one aspect at a time. Of course, there will be some crossover, but, by organizing my workload into manageable increments, I was less stressed and more able to tackle challenges with ambition and motivation. Furthermore, Keller’s book reminded me to allot more time and energy to expressing gratitude to those around me. No matter how busy my days became, there was always time left to show the ones I care about that I appreciate them. I understand reading isn’t everyone’s forte (but with audiobooks and podcasts now, I think it can be!), and if that’s the case for you, I still want to ask: What efforts are you currently making to better yourself and foster your own love for learning? Learning equates to growth, and without growth, you remain stagnant. That’s no way to live. As we prepare for this upcoming seasonal change, I challenge you to find a new way to emphasize your own self-development, and I trust you to hold me to the same challenge in return. Also, If you need any good book ideas, you know who to ask!

– Dr. Brooks

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