MRN_909349_Marine Coolant Heaters

Marine Coolant Heaters Thermo Pro 50 Eco  Thermo Pro 90 

DBW 2010

Thermo Pro 50 Eco

8,500 – 17,100 BTU/h

Delivering the ultimate on-board heating solutions. Webasto Marine Coolant Heaters are an excellent addition to any vessel. They provide on-board hot water for the galley and head, and can also deliver warm air to the cabins and compartments to keep the crew comfortable.

Key Features

 Heats cabin interiors and provides heat to potable water for shower and galley  High heat output in a compact design  Models with up to 120,000 BTU/h available  Low fuel and electrical power consumption  Even distribution of warm air  Quiet operation  Space-saving installation  Excellent opportunity to combine with the Webasto BlueCool and FCF air conditioning systems  Separate temperature control in every cabin  Compact design  Robust aluminum casing, resistant to high temperatures or salt  Meets currect boating requirements and standards

Thermo Pro 90

6,100 – 26,000 BTU/h

DBW 2010

45,000 BTU/h

Automatic overheat protection

Space-saving installation in the engine room

Can be used to heat your hot sanitary water

Heating comfort just like at home

Even distribution of warmth by means of radiators or blowers

Compact design

Excellent possibilities for combining with Webasto BlueCool air-conditioning systems

Meets current Marine requirements and standards

Low fuel consumption

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