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AUG 2018


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This time of year is when most people take vacations. In the past, the only ocean I was diving into was my next case. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always traveled a lot, but most people wouldn’t call it vacation. My vacations in the past always centered around me speaking at seminars or meetings on a case. Being in constant communication with the office meant I was simply moving my work to an off-site location. That was not allowing me to take the time away to recharge. This year, my team and I changed that. What a difference that has made! I love my job, and I don’t really ever turn off. I am always thinking about how to approach an upcoming cross-exam of a witness, preparing for a trial, or outlining case strategy ideas on our cases. Even in my off-time, I’m constantly reading books, listening to CDs, and watching DVDs to improve the law firm. Recently, though, my team gave me a wake-up call. They told me, “You need to take a vacation.” They know that I put 100 percent into my work, just like they do, because we love what we do. But I wasn’t making any time for myself, and my team noticed. Why did I make changes? I always love to find ways to achieve peak performance in all areas of my life: professionally and personally. What I discovered about myself is that the more I get away from constant distractions and take time for myself, the better I am at work. I am more creative, more focused, and much more productive. I’ve found that if I’m able to start earlier and leave work a little earlier, I enjoy my evenings more. Now I’m able to go home to read a longer book, go for an extra walk with Chuie, or cook a meal that takes a little more time. To make all this happen, I made one BIG change. I followed the advice of fellow attorney and mentor of mine in Virginia, Ben Glass. I deleted my work email from my phone! It’s crazy how much I used to look at my phone, even when I didn’t need to. Simply deleting my work email has greatly enhanced my quality of life and productivity at the office. My team always knows how to get ahold of me when necessary, and I still have my laptop and iPad with all our work programs for when I need

it. However, I can no longer check my work email while lying in bed all night. Now I’m able to completely focus on being in the moment.

It’s been so positive that I’ve been encouraging my friends and family to try it. The key to all of this is having an all-star team in place. I’ve realized that my role is not to do every little thing at the law firm, and with a team that can handle those aspects, I’m able to think through the organizational and structural aspects of my firm better. My team is not only capable but better at their jobs than I was, and I know that they can handle whatever comes their way. We are constantly training at my law firm because the more my team can take off my plate, the more time I have to do the things I’m really good at. For example, we are wrapping up three new day care consumer guides and our new car wreck book and a soon-to-be finished book for parents on day care injuries to children. Plus, my team members are great at being leaders in their roles. Our clients love the fact that they don’t have to wait for me to make decisions — most decisions on our cases have already been made in advance every Friday morning during our weekly team meetings. Now I’m taking time to read more books and pursue my passions. I’m even set to take a vacation in the fall — one that is not centered around work events! And I owe it to my team. I’m learning that time isn’t just valuable for me — it’s actually valuable for our entire firm. Taking breaks helps us all do our jobs better. Maybe you’ve encountered this struggle — how do you bridge the gap when you love your job? Is it even necessary? As reluctant as I was to admit it before, I’ve realized that I think better when I set aside time to not think about work. It’s a mindset flip, and I’m learning to make it happen for myself and for the people I work with. How do you find work-life balance? Is it something you’ve struggled with? I’d love to hear how you do it! –Russell Button 214-888-2216


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