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We do not advocate the use of marijuana. We are dedicated to achieving legislative reform of marijuana laws on all levels of government. As a nonprofit organization, NORML is actively involved with government

This photograph won't be in the high school annual. It won't be framed and set on the piano. It won't be carried in a billfold, attached to a resume or placed in the family album. It will last a lifetime. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, NORML, believes the present marijuana prohibition is unworkable and unjust. Thousands of otherwise law-abiding young citizens are given jail sentences each year for marijuana.

officials and lawmakers on a daily basis to attempt to put an end to the practice of sending people to jail for marijuana. If you share our concern, join our organization and end the pot shot. r·············--········--1 I NORMT National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws I L 2105N Street,N.W.,Washington,D.C.20037 I I ~~: I I I Address: I (number and street) (city} (state) [zip code) •1 I have enclosed my annual dues in the amount of $7.00 (students $5.00) '. I I want to support your work with an additional contribution in the amount of$___ _ _ I prefer to remain anonymous but want to support your work with a con- I I tribution in the amount of $,_____, I Please make checks payable to: NORML. I I Additional literature and membership applications available upon requestu ·-··--·--·-----····-··




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