VITAMIN CO-OP INTERESTED IN STARTING NATURAL VITAMIN CO -0 P . H A V E A L L STRENGTHS OF VITAMIN E AND PURE ASCORBIC ACID SOME OTHERS AV A ILAB LE NOW! we will deliver call 634-9398 WSCB 620 AM THE BEST COLLEGE RADIO STATION IN THE STATE! 7 AM - 4PM: Mornings and afternoons at WSCB are an enigma. From 7 - 11AM you 'II hear our disc-jockeys presenting the music dynamically , and on what has come to be called a "Top 40" delivery. But the music is much more progressive than you 'II hear on other AM stations. 12:30 • 2PM: You'll hear the Black Music Experiance . Don Robinson , Eric Daughtry, Willie Judson , and Monty Coleman each with their own style - enthusiastic and ALIVE! 4PM - 3AM Progressive Music straight through. Individuals presenting a personal show of fine music . Lots of music. Be listening! THURSDAY _ FEBRUARY 24TH Dan Axt will feature LENNY BRUCE from 9 - Midnight . SATURDAY _ FEBRUARY 26TH


Margaret was found in a back lane of Calcutta, lying in her doorway, uncon- scious from hunger. Inside, her mother had just died in childbirth. You can see from the expression on Margaret"s face that she doesn 't under- stand why her mother can't get up, or why_her father doesn 't come home,orwhy the dull throb in her stomach won't go away. What you can't see is thal Margaretis dying of malnutrition. She has periods of fainting. her eyes are stra ngel y glazed. Next will come a bloated stomach, falling hair, parched skin, And fina ll y, death from malnutrition, a killer that claims J0,000 lives every day. Meanwhile, in America we eat 4.66 pounds of food a day per person, then throw away enough garbage to feed a family of six in India. In fact , the average dog in America has a higher protein diet than Margaret! If you were to suddenly joi n the ranks of I½ billion people who are forever hungry, your next meal would be a bowl of rice, day after tomorrow a piece of fish

the size of a silver dollar, later in the week more rice-maybe. Hard-pressed by the natural disasters and phenomenal birth rate, the Indian government is valiantly trying to curb what Mahatma Gandhi called "The Eter- nal Compulsory Fast:· But Margaret's story can have a happy ending, because she has a CCF sponsor now. And for only S12 a month you can also sponsor a child like Margaret and help provide food, clothing, she lter- and Jove. You will receive the child's picture, personal history, and the opportunity to exchange letters, Christmas cards- and priceless friendship. Since 1938. American sponsors have found this to be an intimate, person-to- per,on way ofsharing their blessings with Sponsors urgently needed this month for children in: India, Brazil, Taiwan ( Formosa), Mexi<:.:o and Philippines. (Or let us se lect a child for you from our emergency list.) 4~ Name___________ _ _ Address________ _____ City_____________ _ State_______ Zip_____ Regi,1crcd (VJ-A-OXO) \\ ith the L 1 .S. Govcrnmcn1·, Advisory Ctimmiltcc on Volu1uar) Forcil:,'.n Ait..l . Gifh ~, n_. t:l\ Uc

Marilyn Geter presents ELVIS PRESLEY from 6 :30 - 9PM:

Write today : Vercnt J. Mills


SATURDAY _ MARCH 4TH Don Robinson will do an hour of ARETHA FRANKLIN plus one hour of JACKSON 5 11AM- 2PM.

I wish to sponsor a [-: boy L I girl in (Country)____________ O Choose a child who needs me most. I will pay $12 a month. I enclose my first payment of $__. Send me child's name, story, address and picture. I cannot sponsor a child but want to give $__. ,7 Please send me mon: information.


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