Soil Research Brochure 2020

Undisturbed Sampling

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Sediment Sampling Van Veen Grab

Split tube sampler for top layers An undisturbed sampler for top layers for research on root systems, fertiliser, chemical and soil biology. • Rapid undisturbed sampling of the top layer • Ideal for surface sampling • Can be hammered • Easy opening by split tube system • Made from stainless steel • Easily cleaned • Easily decontaminated.

An easy to use surface sampler for river & lake beds. • Easy to use & deploy as suspended by wire • Quick identification of sample type • Inert stainless steel construction • Can be operated from a bridge, raft or boat • Available in different sizes • Surface sample only • Can change heads to sample less cohesive materials • Easy to clean and very strong.

No-Loss Soil Corer For taking exact 16ml samples of soil for testing volatiles using both the Methanol & Cooling methods. • Soil is sampled above ground from any regular soil sampler or auger • Soil coring rings can be used again • Coring ring not damaged by stones; device can be hammered • Corer & rings can be field sterilized with a flame for biological activity samples • Takes sample not at, but just below the ambient air exposed surface • Easy decontamination of coring rings.

Liner Sampler Sets

For soil fertility, structure, volume weight, granular composition and technical determination in either soft or hard soils to a depth of 7m. • Liner allows easy removal of sample • Sample can be viewed directly in the field, can be analysed without touching • Can be hammered into position • Made from stainless steel • Easily cleaned and decontaminated.

Beeker Sampler

Multi Sampler

A very sophisticated sediment sampler.

A specialised sampler for sludges and sediments. • Lightweight • Easy to use • Fast and clean and accurate mixed samples in one procedure • Clear sample tubes to view samples • Excellent value for money • Open cutting head for undisturbed sample • Can change heads to sample less cohesive materials • Easy to clean and very strong.

• Virtually undisturbed sample • With extension rods, capable of sampling to 5 metres • Fast and clean samples that can be sampled layer by layer • Clear sample tubes with visible profiles • Original stratification of the sample is maintained • Inflatable bladder in cutting shoe ensures even liquid samples are retained • Easy to clean and very strong.

Soil coring kit for chemical research For the determination of very volatile components such as benzene, toluene, xylene & chlorinated hydrocarbons volatiles. • Prevents loss of volatiles during sampling as no exposure of the sample to air • Easily sealed so prevents loss of volatiles during transportation • Made from stainless steel • Easily cleaned and decontaminated • Can be hammered into hard soils • Sub-samples can be taken from sample tube, samples can be taken in position to a depth of 5 metres.

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