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Soil Moisture

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Soil Moisture

GroPoint Profile A multi-segment Soil Moisture Profiling Probe for the cost-effective measurement of volumetric water content over multiple depths using a single probe. • Simplify the measurement of Soil Moisture at different depths with multiple readings from a single probe • Scientific grade accuracy with long-term stability • Repeatable Accuracy • Low power consumption, so suitable for remote, independent installations • Eliminates need for multiple sensors & cabling systems • Eliminates need for soil excavation to position multiple sensors placed at different depths.

We have developed a versatile, secure, flexible, sophisticated and accurate web-based groundwater; water level; water quality and soil moisture telemetry system, which allows data collected by the vanwaltDataHub or vanwaltDataSlave onsite, to be accessed from your desktop via our vanwaltCONNECT service.



A rugged soil sensor with patented technology that provides continual, consistent accuracy to measure three soil parameters simultaneously - moisture, salinity and temperature. • Long track record of accuracy, consistency and durability • Used in the top 90% of USA national climate reference networks • Installed in over 50% of all international Soil Moisture Networks • Patented Sensor Technology: “Coaxial Impedance Dielectric Reflectometry” that provides consistent long-term accuracy in any soil type.

Ideal for irrigation control systems and on-site soil moisture monitoring. • Very accurate TDR technology • Integrated soil temperature sensor • Interchangeable rods • An ideal probe for maximum accuracy in materials with bulk electrical conductivity of up to 12dS/m. • Burying capability for both horizontal and vertical orientation • Measures soil electrical conductivity.

• Designed and developed in-house • Self-powered, flexible system of data collection • Instructs, powers, interrogates and collects data from a multitude of onsite sensors • Distributes data through on-board memory, radio frequency, GPRS or Satellite portals • Connect sensors singly or in daisy chain using Modbus, SDI-12, Analog or digital I/O protocols • Data stored on non-volatile memory; backed up for redundancy & convenience • Download data by cable, radio frequency transceiver, GPRS, satellite transmission or removal of SD card • Logs parameters like water level, pH, EC, Redox, Electrical Conductivity, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Rainfall, Hydrocarbons, Water Flow and Soil Moisture • Performs as a standalone datalogger • Interfaces seamlessly with our proven and highly flexible data collection systems • Standard supply with on-board non-volatile logging memory, industrial SD Card memory, 2G/3G/4G connectivity, batteries & solar panel • Optional: Radio Frequency or Satellite Transceiver • Available for OEM applications.

HydraGO Field Version Wireless sensor-to-smartphone interface for HydraProbe soil moisture sensors. Simply insert the probe into the soil, and tap on the “Sample” button in the HydraMon app. The HydraGO Field Version communicates wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet using an ad-hoc wi-fi network created by the device itself. The HydraGO Field Version is available with and without a survey-quality, sub-meter GPS receiver.

HydraGO The HydraGO is a portable, wireless sensor-to- smartphone for soil moisture data collection. Rugged, accurate and easy-to-use, handheld sensor from Stevens Water. • Uses the same patented soil sensor as the HydraProbe • Ergonomically designed with a detachable pole to help with insertion • Suitable for those applications where a permanent soil monitoring system is not required • Communicates wirelessly with Apple or Android devices using Bluetooth • Free, downloadable HydraMON app • Easy to use, simply insert the probe into the soil and tap the “Sample” button in the app.

Soil Profile Probe

For the precise measurement of soil moisture given as a percentage by volume. • Ideal for the development of soil-water balance models, irrigation control & salt content testing at different soil depths • Continuous & gap-free measurements • Measures electrical conductivity in a soil • Simple modular configuration • Calibration curves for different soil types • Rugged & waterproof design for long-term monitoring in harsh environments.

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