Soil Research Brochure 2020

Window Sampling

Laboratory Soil Analysis

Lost Cone

Permeameter To establish the permeability of soil for irrigation &drainage systems, well pumping, subsidence investigations, predicting the spread of polluting fluids, soil improvement &maintenance advice. • Gives accurate information on the presence of disturbed soil layers which might prevent a speedy outflow of precipitation • Establishes the correlation between permeability & other soil properties such as porosity, granular composition etc • Gives vertical & horizontal permeability • Is available as an open or closed system.

A fast and efficient way to install a 1 inch monitoring well when there is no need to take a sample. It is particularly relevant for stony soils or gravels. A specially designed cone is mechanically hammered into the soil to produce a very straight bore hole. Using this equipment makes it easier to reach depths up to 10m and the friction on extracting the casing is reduced. After drilling the ‘lost’ cone is left in the soil. This has no environmental impact as the construction material of the cone is found in soils naturally. Principle of operation: A hollow casing is fitted with a lost point and hammered, meter by meter, into the ground until the installation depth for the well is reached. Your choice of 1” well is then lowered through the casing and the casing retrieved to leave the well in place. The well can then be sampled and purged in the usual way. • Ideal for inserting groundwater monitoring wells in stony soils and gravels • Non-toxic, environmentally neutral lost cone point that can safely be left in the soil • A fast and efficient drilling method • Available as a complete set • Easy to transport • Drilling diameter of 7 cm • The special shape of the lost cone ensures there is less friction when the casing is inserted and extracted again • Ideal and safe for making holes for the installation of explosives in mining.

Wet Sieving Apparatus To determine the resistance of soil structure against mechanical or physicochemical destructive forces. • Ease of operation. No spoil of samples • Mechanical and electronic components are built-in for safety • The electric motor is a 12/24 Volt DC motor with external adapter, so is very safe in wet conditions • Worldwide universal adapter complete with interchangeable mains plugs • Optional sieve cans with different size meshes are available.

Window Sampling Set

A powerful, non destructive, low disturbance site investigation tool. It uses laser cut, high entry efficiency samplers in our unique, robust, no maintenance, left hand thread RD32 connection. It is ideal for sampling and research in sites with restricted access, where there is the potential for contaminated samples or for exploration of base metals and mineral deposits, like gold and other precious metals. • Custom sets available to cater for your needs • On-site training provided with every set • Ideal for restricted access • Requires little maintenance & high reliability • Perfect for taking metre long undisturbed samples • Suitable for contaminated sampling • Non-destructive sampling technique • Very mobile and relatively light weight • Relatively low cost. Applications: • Soil profile description and classification • Soil sampling above groundwater table • Soil sampling below groundwater table • Environmental soil research • Undisturbed sampling. Available: • Workshops • Site visit • On-site training • Case studies.


An accurate measurement of the carbonate content of soil to determine its fertility. • A very stable and gas-proof system • Compact, ergonomic design • Less vulnerable glass parts • No drying oven required or any additional chemicals • No long waiting periods for results, easy to control, adjust & move around the lab • Complies with standards NEN 5757 & DIN 19682 an 19684.

Double Ring Infiltrometer To determine the rate of infiltration of water into the soil & so the capacity for irrigation, drainage, determining the intensity of artificial precipitation & the effect of different treatments of the soil. • Ideal for infiltration measurement of top soil • Perfect for flood / furrow irrigation advice • Triple rings for a representative average • Stainless steel rings will last forever • Helps improve the yield of crops and minimises erosion.

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