Soil Research Brochure 2020

Solution Samplers


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Penetrologger CBR A penetration test for evaluation of the mechanical strength of road subgrades & basecourses. • User-friendly & easy operation • Accurate measurement principle • Display background lighting & GPS • Compact design, detachable handles • For geotechnical engineers, military & civil • Ultrasonic depth measurement.

Micro Rhizon For repeated and reliable sampling of all dissolved components in the soil solution. • Mini samplers ideal for pots & containers • Used for all types of lab & field research • Small diameter, 2.5 mm • Frost resistant • Cost effective for large scale use • Simple syringes act as pumps & samplers

Macro Rhizon For soil moisture sampling in the field when successive soil solution samples are needed from the same volume of soil. • Minimal disturbance of hydraulic properties of the soil, sampling with a syringe. • Minimal ion exchange capacity (less than soil) • Inexpensive • pH is not changed by sampling • Sample is filtered & can be analysed directly.

• Can be used to 1 meter depth • Minimal disturbance to the soil.


For measuring the load bearing capacity of soil to a depth of 80 cm. • Ergonomic design, easy to use, light weight & splash-water proof • Large measurement range (0-10MPa) • Accurate depth registration measured by ultrasound • Easy and flexible programming of the field work that can be executed • Data is presented graphically or numerically for further data processing.

Samplers with ceramic cup Soil moisture samplers with ceramic cup ideal for sampling low interaction chemicals like nitrates.

Hand penetrometer Used to determine the resistance of soil for general research, including foundations, checking the artificial compaction and tracing compacted layers in the soil. • A very compact and complete set which includes all rods and cones • Easy to operate • Low or no maintenance • Accurate hydraulic reading dial • Includes augers to remove hard layers.

• Good value & simple to use • Sampling to different depths

• Sturdy so suitable for long term installation • Collects a large amount of soil moisture in a relatively short period of time • Sample stored in body, no separate jars • Available in various lengths & diameters


An instrument for the determination of the penetration resistance of the ground. • Self recording of continuous measurements plotted on a chart • Clearly shows disturbed layers • Will proof compaction situation • Weather proof charts • One-push measurement • Ideal for contractors and agronomists • Weather proof body.

Penetrometer for Top Layers

A handheld penetrometer for the determination of the penetration resistance of top layers • Small cones allow for shallow measurements • Clear readout, durable construction • Measurement depth 10cm • Factory calibrated exchangeable springs.

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