Soil Research Brochure 2020

Auger Sets

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Hand Augers Single and Extendable Augers

Bailer Boring Hand Auger Set A complete set for exploratory soil augering & sampling, particularly suitable for use in nature reserves or water catchment areas. • Suitable for most soils • Works above and below water level • For well installation as well as samplings, reaches required depth very quickly • Durable, sturdy light weight casings • Special bailers allow bailing stony sand layers • Non-contaminating components.

Available in single units or a tailored set can be made using auger heads, handles & extension rods to suit your specific soil sampling requirements. Ideal for soil mapping; suitability reviews; root, fertilisation, clay and paleontological research – all with minimal disturbance.

• Variety of Auger heads available for different soil types • Will take samples in the toughest of soils • Fast and easy to use

• Will cut through bricks & withstand stones • Virtually undisturbed profile for analysis • Made from non-toxic high tensile strength steel • Easy to clean and very strong • Supplied in various lengths & diameters • Available in sets or individually depending on budget/need. • Available with a range of ergonomic handles to help you drill more comfortably • Not suitable for sludges and sediments.

Standard Hand Auger Set

A standard auger set for environmental research containing a selection of the most essential auger heads for a variety of soils. • Standard set for augering in a variety of soils up to 7m • Strong and solid equipment • Excellent value • Light weight • Includes a heavy duty shoulder bag • Minimal training required.

Coarse Sand Coarse sand soils and extremely dry sand soils have little or no cohesion at all. The blades of this auger are extended with extra wings, thus forming an almost closed auger.

Clay Auger Clay soils are very cohesive. Therefore the blades of the clay auger can be narrow, having the advantage that they meet with little resistance.

Comprehensive Hand Auger Set An efficient, fast & accurate equipment set which is solid & strong for soil extraction & analysis. Used for drilling above the water table to depth of 5 meters. • High tensile strength forged auger bodies • Perfect auger body shapes for optimal drilling • Non toxic steel for all types of analyses • Rapid connectible extension rods • Wide selection of auger types - a complete set.

Riverside Auger This design is very suitable for augerings in hard, stiff soils, mixed with fine gravel both above and below the ground water level. The very sharp extremities of the auger bits point at an angle downwards. This design makes the auger go through the soil easily.

Edelman Combination Auger The combination auger type gets a reasonably good hold of sandy material while clayey material can be fairly easily removed from the auger body.

Ergonomic Auger Set Used to carry out manual drilling & sampling in a variety of soils types. Can help prevent back, neck & shoulder problems which can be associated with repetitive augering. • Adjustable height settings • Ratchet system enables easier augering & ensures good posture • Quicker, simpler & physically less exerting • Universal bayonet connection • An Auger head for most soil types • Strong & easy to clean.

Stony Soil Auger For soils with a large gravel content. The auger body for stony soils consists of a heavy steel strip, vaulted all along, which is bent double by forging. The pointed cutting bits of the strip are bent outward, thus creating a hole wider than the average body diameter. Used when the Riverside auger is not yielding adequate results in coarse gravel soils.

Sand Auger Sandy soils are not cohesive. To keep the sample inside the auger, this type has broad blades.

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