Soil Research Brochure 2020

Gouge Augers

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Specialist Augers

Single & Extendable Gouges

Arable Land Augers

Single & extendable gouges for use in cohesive soils. For quick, undisturbed soil profiles down to 10 metres. • Very fast and easy to sample • Push, twist, pull - that’s it! • Will take samples in the toughest soils • Virtually undisturbed profiles in lengths of 50cm or 1m • Greater profile survey because of longer head • Easy to clean and very strong • Ideal for peat soils.

To take samples from arable land for chemical analysis for fertiliser requirements. • Slim auger bodies for ease of insertion • Suitable for medium to harder soils • For sampling top layers, suitable for most sampling jobs. Perfect for chemical sampling in the root zone • Made from non toxic steel • Available in sampling lengths of 25 to 60cm • Quick and easy analysis • Sampler is graduated in 5cm increments.

Soil Column Cylinder Auger To take a large, undisturbed soil sample without the need to dig a profile pit. • Sample size-100cm by 90mm • Easily, mechanically hammered into any soil type • Saves time, minimises disturbance, so can even be used between crops • Easy extraction of the sample • After one sample the total soil profile can be analysed • Very portable & simple to operate • Sample size allows for easy sub-sampling.

Gouge Auger Set Often used in cohesive soils to take undisturbed soil profiles down to 10 metres. • Very fast and easy way to sample • Undisturbedprofiles in lengths of 50cmor 1m • Shaped from flat steel to give the cleanest, sharpest sample • Easy to clean and very strong • Available in sets or individually • Mini gouge augers are available for smaller top layer samples • Specially hardened Gouges are available for harder soils • Ideal for peat soils.

Peat Sampler Set Easy to operate, manual corer for sampling at different depths in sediment & wet soils, including below the groundwater level. • Samples both saturated & unsaturated material • Stainless Steel construction for use in all soil types • Simple gouge with flap principle • No loss of sediment • Takes point samples at any depth • Easy to operate and clean • Complete with T-handle, extension rods, Edelman auger, Peat Sampler, push/pull handle, tools, maintenance kit & fibre glass utility probe & aluminium case.

Grass Plot Samplers Particularly suitable for research in grassland farming, horticulture, parks, public gardens and sports turf. • Take samples while walking • Ideal for shallow root zone sampling • Suitable for soil sampling of air-born deposits • Quick and easy analysis of the top layer in grassland and horticulture • Sampling in the top 5 to 10cm • Made from tough, non toxic stainless steel • Available in 5 cm or 10 cm lengths.

Root Auger To obtain virtually undisturbed, uniform soil samples for root system analysis to determine the depth and density of root systems, to a depth of 2 meters. • Minimal ground disturbance • Undisturbed soil sample retrieval • Can be hammered so suitable for all soil types • Strong, robust construction • Equal samples for accurate comparisons • Sample depth 200 cm; volume 740 ml; diameter 80 mm and length 150 mm

Peat Probes A 120cm probe to determine the depth of peat. • Light and easy to use • Strong & flexible

Flap Gouge Auger For sampling in dry or wet material to a depth of 2 metres. Sample volume: 47 ml • Slender construction allows for ease of penetration in top layers of sludges, sediments, powder, grain, granulates & pastes. • Ideal for taking samples in drums, tanks & bags.

• Available with extension rods • Easy to store and transport • Multiple applications.

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