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A Forterra Company

Figure A: Google Earth imagery of Stericycle industrial site

Jeff Pierce, a leading local stormwater expert for Bio Clean Environmental adds, “The Engineer of Record for this site needed to do the right thing for his client, the wetlands, and nature that surround the property, but big bioswales and non-proprietary BMPs are costly and often ineffective.” Challenge Keeping construction and development costs down is always a top concern, but there was an added challenge of introducing enhanced stormwater treatment to comply with the Washington State Department of Ecology’s regulations to “reduce stormwater pollution leaving their site.” 4 This impervious land mass will generate stormwater runoff filled with POCs – Dissolved Metals, Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Hydrocarbons, and Nitrogen – producing high treatment flow rates. As stated by Washington’s DOE, “Emerging stormwater treatment technologies (TAPE) are reviewed and certified by the Washington State Technology Assessment Protocol – Ecology. Better known as the TAPE program.” 5

Bio Clean’s Modular Wetlands® System Linear is approved by the Washington State Department of Ecology for General Use Level Designation (GULD) for Basic (TSS), Enhanced (Heavy Metals –Zinc and Copper), and Total Phosphorous treatment regiments. This designation allows the Modular Wetlands® System to be specified as a stand-alone BMP to mitigate these pollutants. “This biofiltration system is the most reliable stormwater device under these conditions, and the Modular Wetlands® System is economical, reliable, and approved by Washington State DOE,” according to Jeff Pierce. He continues, “High treatment flow rates, in many systems, equate to high maintenance costs, but the Modular Wetlands® is the only biofilter utilizing horizontal flow, allowing for multiple stages of treatment – compartmentalizing trapped pollutants. Our client will enjoy the lower excavation and construction costs, but also long-term low maintenance benefits.”

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