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Back in the Day Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph in Victoria Park. November 11, 1955 - Western University Archives PEGGY SATLER AD

UWO Snake Dance to Capitol Theatre Sept 16, 1960 Photo source - Western Archives London Free Press Collection

PEGGY SATLER 100 words

We bring this to you as a local look and celebration of our 55+ community right here in London. Villager Publications is a locally owned and operated business. We deliver to you the monthly Villager magazines that concentrate on the local information, stories, events and people right in your neighbourhood. Now it’s your turn! Baby Boomers represent about 41% of the population and you have an appetite for information that speaks to your interests and needs. Boomers & Beyond focusses on the 55+ community on a local level bringing you access to information and services and so much more. We encourage your stories, ideas, questions and comments. Tell us what you’d like to know about and we will commit to finding

out. This is your magazine and we are here to serve you. Enjoy this issue and health, wealth and happiness to you all. Sincerely, Barb Botten, Editor/Publisher / Villager Publications

Age Friendly London Every Day Heroes Campaign Do you know an older person who goes out of their way to brighten the lives of those around them? How about someone who volunteers their time to help neighbours or friends, often without recognition? The Age Friendly London Network wants to know about these “every day heroes” who make our community a better place to live. The Respect & Social Inclusion Working Group of the Age Friendly London Network is working to reframe how older adults are portrayed and celebrate their contributions in our community. One of the ways the Group is doing this is through an “every day hero” campaign that will showcase older adults who help others in many small but meaningful ways. Older adults contribute so much to our families, neighbourhoods, and communities. If you know an older person who you would like to recognize as an “every day hero” , please contact Age Friendly London at agefriendlylondon@london. ca or 519-661-2489 x 7208.

Have you had changes in memory? Are you feeling forgetful?

4 A re you 60 years or older? 4 Do you have trouble remembering things? 4 Do not have Alzheimer’s Disease? Dr. Montero-Odasso invites you to take part in a physical exercise study that may help to improve your memory and mobility. For more information, contact (519) 685 4292 ext. 42179 When you call in, you will be asked questions about your memory and general health. If eligible, you will be invited to visit the Gait & Brain Lab at Parkwood Institute, 550 Wellington Road South, London, Ontario.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Montero-Odasso, Geriatric Medicine GaitAndBrain.com

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