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To Appreciate the Moms in My Life The number of hats a mom can wear, and the countless ways they can have a lasting effect on the lives of their kids, will never cease to amaze me. Who I am and what I do began with my mom. While I was growing up, she was an art teacher. My mom loved teaching, using her hands, and being creative. Because of her, I also wanted a career where I got to work with my hands and a job where I had the opportunity to educate people. As a chiropractor, I get to do just that. While I could go on about many more reasons I’m thankful for my mom, I would be remiss if I did not also talk about my wife and how she is an incredible mother to

I’m sure many of you can share similar admirable traits about your own mothers and wives,

and I’m also sure they’re amazing in countless other ways I didn’t mention. Mother’s Day truly doesn’t seem like an adequate amount

our kids. Like my mom, my wife works as a teacher. She’s incredible with kids

That said, my mother isn’t just the person who raised me and inspired me to become a chiropractor. She is so much more than that. For starters, she has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. She loves helping people, and I like to think I inherited that from her. My mother cares deeply for her family beyond just when it’s convenient. She visits her last living 93-year-old aunt in her nursing home about three times a week. She also makes a point of staying close to her two sisters and a brother who still live within a mile of her. When she communicates with people about things she’s passionate about, you can feel that energy, which is another thing I hope I inherited from her. On top of all of that, my mother is a very strong Christian, and I’m thankful to both her and my father for modeling Christ to me and my sister.

and really has a heart for them. That was one of the reasons I wanted to marry her, and I knew she would be

of time to properly celebrate everything

our mothers do for us. Nevertheless, in honor of Mother’s

an amazing mom. She makes sure her i’s are dotted and her t’s are crossed when it comes to keeping the kids’ schedules and staying organized. I honestly don’t know how she does it. She also has an unending supply of grace toward our kids, and I try every day to follow her example because she’s way better at it than me. On top of all of that, she’s just a selfless person with a magnetic personality. I think anyone who knows her will attest to that.

Day, I just want to say happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there reading this! I sincerely hope you are appreciated for all you do.

–Dr. Chris Garner

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Grand Strand’s Patient of the Month

While we typically try to find three words to describe what we appreciate about Grand Strand’s patient of the month, for Debbie Myers we could not settle on just three. Debbie has been visiting our office once a month for about a year after discovering our offices through one of our Facebook ads. She originally came in for help with pain in her knees but has since received laser and PEMF therapy for her shoulders as well. We’re glad she started coming in because now we look forward to seeing her warm shining smile every month. While Debbie’s presence at the office is enough to bring us joy for the day, she also loves bringing us gifts. She’s brought in trinkets on several occasions that the Native American children she sponsors made by hand. Along with being incredibly generous and thoughtful, she also has an infectious go-lucky outlook on life and is very health conscious. Whenever she has a question about her overall health, she doesn’t hesitate to get in touch with us. When Debbie isn’t in our office, you can probably find her out caring for her friends, family, and neighbors. She absolutely loves to bake, and to say she has a knack for it would be an understatement. She is a grandmother to some very lucky grandchildren — she spoils them with baked treats whenever she gets the opportunity. The Benefits of Minimalism A PERFECT LIFESTYLE FOR SENIORS As we get older, we tend to hang on to mementos that brought some type of meaning to our lives, even after time has diminished their value. Though we may be emotionally attached, this clutter can eventually overwhelm us, especially as seniors. If you find yourself drowning in items you no longer need or want, consider a minimalist lifestyle to free up your space — and your mind. MINIMALISM Before taking on a minimalist lifestyle, it’s important to understand what it entails. When someone hears the word “minimalism,” they might think it means getting rid of their possessions one by one, but that’s not entirely true. Instead, minimalist living focuses on having less clutter in our lives but still keeping the things we truly value and enjoy. The idea is to get rid of things we no longer use or need. MINIMALIST LIVING To embark on a minimalist lifestyle, focus more on the present and consider the value your personal belongings have in your life now . Sorting through hundreds of items with thousands of memories is a daunting task, so it is best to start by removing things that might not require emotional or physical strain, like old magazines, broken items, or clutter in the junk drawer. Once you’ve taken this first step, move on to something bigger. Soon,

Debbie doesn’t hesitate to share the ways Grand Strand Health and Wellness has changed her life with those around her. There’s a good chance that anyone who knows Debbie or has ever come in contact with her knows about her commitment to her holistic health. We’re incredibly thankful to have her as a part of the Grand Strand Health and Wellness family.

you’ll find yourself making steady and rewarding progress throughout the rest of your home.

In the process, pay attention to what you want to keep. Carefully select which objects mean the most to you and which ones are still useful. These are the belongings you should surround yourself with. THE BENEFIT OF MINIMALISM Minimalism will help you feel more comfortable in your home and open up other possibilities. You will have more room to invite guests and family over, and you’ll have a sense of space and freedom. Additionally, this lifestyle can also help with your finances. You’ll be less tempted to buy what you don’t need, and you may even rearrange spending priorities or downsize your living space (less rent!). If you surround yourself with meaningful and useful items, you will feel more at peace. Ultimately, minimalism encourages us to free ourselves from the many things that own us as much as we own them. Don’t allow accumulated objects to clutter up your home and life. Take the leap and start living a carefree, minimalist lifestyle.


Grand Strand’s Team Member of the Month Celebrating Jonathan Gibson

While he’s only been with us for five months, most of you have probably been made aware of Jonathan Gibson’s presence in our office — and not just because he’s so much taller than everyone else! Jonathan is our newest patient educator, and in the short time he’s been with us at Grand Strand, he’s already brought our patients and our team a wealth of knowledge. Jonathan worked for many years in the health care industry before joining us, primarily in a hospital setting. He’s given several talks and seminars on health-related topics. He is especially knowledgeable about weight loss and has in fact written and published a book on the subject. When he’s at the office, he’s always ready to dish out comments that are somehow both witty and motivational to our team. When he’s with our patients, he puts them at ease with his kind nature and calming voice before

letting them know about all the services we offer that can provide relief to our community.

favorite ways to spend time outside of work, and he’s competed in several triathlons.

Jonathan leads a full life outside of his time in the office. One of the most interesting facts about him is that he has literally walked on fire — twice! He did so as a part of two “Walk Through

Jonathan lives in Myrtle Beach with his wife and their two daughters, with whom he loves going to the beach

and the park. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know Jonathan yet, be sure to tell him hello the next time you’re at Grand

Fire” seminars that were hosted by Tony Robbins, a prominent motivational speaker

and life coach. When you’re out and about in Myrtle Beach, you might see Jonathan zoom by on his bicycle. It’s one of his

Strand Health and Wellness!

Client Success “Before I started chiropractic care, both of my knees were killing me and I was experiencing a lot of pain. My left knee was worse than my right one. I could not walk or sleep because my knees would continuously hurt and that has been going on for two years! One day I saw an ad in the paper for chiropractic care and cold laser treatment. Dr. Garner uses the Pro-Adjuster to work on my back while Cindy uses the cold laser therapy to work on my knees. The first time I had the treatment, I felt a huge difference.”


–Linda Coyle

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Debbie Myers: Patient of the Month

Minimalist Living for Seniors


Jonathan Gibson: Team Member of the Month

Client Success


Can a Daith Piercing Really Stop Migraines?


What You Need to Know

Every 10 seconds in the U.S., someone walks into an emergency room complaining that their head hurts. Often, these people are suffering from a migraine, which is a neurological disorder that causes debilitating headaches, dizziness, and nausea. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are the third most prevalent illness in the world, so odds are you’ve either had one or known someone who has. Migraines can make it hard to hold down a job and keep up family obligations, so people who suffer from them are always on the lookout for new treatments. Often, they turn to holistic medicine like acupuncture, essential oils, and diet changes. In the last few years, another treatment has become more popular: daith piercings. The daith is the smallest fold of cartilage in your ear, located where the outer and inner ear meet. Though daith piercings are tricky to do, they’ve gained traction on social media. According to many acupuncturists, the daith is home to a key pressure point for pain relief. By piercing the daith, the theory goes, migraine sufferers can move beyond acupuncture and get permanent relief. But does this actually work?

According to the American Migraine Foundation and

Healthline, the scientific evidence is inconclusive. In 2017, Frontiers in Neurology published a case study that found that one patient’s migraines

improved after he got a daith piercing. However, the researchers stopped short of recommending the piercing to migraine sufferers because of its potential risk of infection and the possibility that the improvements in this single case were due to a placebo effect. Still, the daith pressure point does exist, and a wealth of anecdotal evidence suggests the piercing helps. Euphoric stories like this one from Keisha Stokes, who shared her experience on a medical blog, give hope to migraine sufferers who have tried everything else: “I have had the piercing for just under 30 days, and I have had one severe migraine since then, but one as opposed to 3–6 is pretty fair in my book. I am not a medical expert by far, but I can say that at this very moment, I wish I had known about this piercing long ago.”

If you’re considering a daith piercing, just be sure to weigh the risks before you commit.


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