May Edition 2022 | BGN MAGAZINE



Whenever your drama or film hits the box office whom do you dedicate your success to? There's just Allah behind my every success. We can just do efforts and efforts never go useless. Your meme "here and there" got so fame so how do you handle negative people? I haven't received any negative comments and my video get fame after 4 5 years again and there's a story behind this which i don't want to explain. I am enjoying all these funny memes. And you know what people have named there saloons as "here n there". 08

Any message for your fans?

A big thanks to my fans and even I want that fans show interest in all these things and tell about their opinions so we come to know that which type of content they really want. Few words for the founder of this magazine Dr. Amber Jamal who give this platform on social media so people can know the achievements and future plans of celebrities. I wanna congratulate them for their success and wanna say that always believe on positive news as there is so much fake and people will respect you more when you'll highlight there positivity instead of negativity. 10

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