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MAKING THE CALL Matt Dery’s Leap to Financial Architects

Some of you may know me from my days as a sportscaster at 97-1 The Ticket, but I’m coming to you now as Financial Architects’ (FAI’s) Communications and Business Development Director. I may

Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy. I taught classes in journalism, as well as communications and media, and loved every second of it. Being able to make a difference in those kids’ lives was the best three years of my professional career — I could have retired there. But being able to join the team that had helped my family for so many years was just too good an offer to pass up. The position seemed tailor-made for me. Beyond my decades of media experience, there were times I would be having a panic over finances on a Friday night, and Turner himself would take my call. It’s rare to find that level of care and professionalism in any company, so you can be sure I wanted all my friends and family to know about FAI. Still, at 46 years old, making such a big career transition might seem strange to some people. But the truth is that the demands of my job here at the firm aren’t all that different from working in radio. From my earliest broadcasting days at Syracuse University, versatility was a must. I had to run the board, write and voice sportscasts, call play-by-play, and run a talk show. Now, as I build our social media presence, create content, and work with Chris and Pat to chart FAI’s growth, I don’t feel overwhelmed; I feel right at home.

And it’s an exciting time to become part of the FAI team. The whole reason we needed this hybrid position of communications and development is the speed at which we’re growing. The firm is reaching more people and exploring more opportunities than ever before. Being there to beef up our online presence and engage with both existing and new clients means I get a front-row seat to all of these exciting changes. If you’d allow me to brag about one last perk of the job, I want to take a moment to thank my new coworkers. I felt so welcomed from the moment I began working here and have made so many great friends around the office. Sadly, working in the radio industry can be very cutthroat at times, and I never really got to enjoy a healthy, supportive work environment. Joining FAI, I finally understand how this firm was able to provide me with such great service over the years: Happy team members put that joy into their work. I’m glad to be able to do the same.

Matt Dery

still be new to this expanded role, but I’m more than familiar with the people and the services of this firm. My relationship with FAI goes back almost a decade. I’d just gotten married, and my wife, Heather, and I wanted to make sure we were doing all we could to give our kids the best possible future. Thankfully, a friend introduced us to Turner Thompson, and the rest is history. Over the years, I’ve gotten to know many members of this team — Ken Grace and I frequently met up to chat at Pistons games. So, when I was asked to come on board and help write the next chapter in FAI’s growth, I jumped at the opportunity. Of course, leaving my old job wasn’t easy. After getting out of radio, I spent three years teaching at the University of

Thank you,

–Matt Dery



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