Douglass & Runger - April 2020

April 2020


I come from a long line of lawyers. My grandfather was a revered attorney who graduated from Harvard Law School and argued cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Many of my cousins on that side of the family followed our grandfather’s suit and became attorneys themselves, but I wasn’t initially sure if that path was the right choice for me. I spoke German fluently in college, and coupled with my business background, it led me to believe I would do something in international business law. Instead, I ended up doing pretty much the exact opposite, but I could not be happier with the outcome. I graduated from law school in May 2003 and passed the bar exam the following autumn. I started looking for jobs right away. (Not to age myself, but I was looking for jobs back when you had to scroll through the Yellow Pages to find attorneys!) While I had offers from smaller firms, nothing was that interesting to me, so I kept searching. Eventually, I found Mr. Eugene Douglass. I began working with him on an “eat what you kill” commission-based scenario and did not receive a salary, which meant that I was paid only on the cases I took on. It was scary at first because I was essentially handling all different types of cases, from divorce matters to criminal defense cases, but it forced me to learn a variety of different areas of law, which ended up being a great benefit. Soon, this relationship developed, and I was taking on more cases and building my clientele. Before we knew it, the firm started to become Douglass & Runger, so we made it official in 2010. Despite my original intentions to practice international law, I found my calling and passion at this firm. I’ve always been someone who loves helping people solve problems, and the thing that I admire most about our firm is we do just that. We help clients with an array of legal problems — not just one niche — because our goal is to keep every legal issue you’re struggling with in-house. We want to be the support system you turn to when you are facing any type of legal concerns. Clients may come to our firm needing assistance with their divorce, and in the future, they may need support after an accident leaves them injured. They may need us to help them update their estate plan after that divorce, too. We have experts in each of these areas on our team because we know how valuable it is for you to have someone in your corner. It’s even more valuable when that person already knows your history.

The point is that no one ever knows what their future may hold, but our clients deserve the security of knowing they have a firm that will support them regardless of what happens. This may be an “old-school” way of doing law, but it’s an effective way to do it. I love serving our Memphis community in this way. I grew up across Tennessee in Knoxville, and I have lived all across the southern half of the U.S., but I can honestly say that Memphis is home to some of the nicest people in the country. I have loved calling Memphis my home for the past 20 years, and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. There’s a rich diversity in Memphis that you cannot find anywhere else. Plus, the music, restaurants, and entertainment are second to none. To be able to serve Memphis the way I do each day is a great feeling. I love the people I work with, and I know we all truly care about our clients. Thank you for trusting us with some of your biggest crises. We’ll be here if another one hits.

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