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Program brings active living to local students

ences for students. The rest of the sessions are devoted to rigorous fitness training with exercises ranging from mountain climbing to burpees, exercises students can do at home. “We are using the school as a living lab to develop and recognize character and de- velop student leaders,” said Kennedy. “SPEC OPS is a dynamic vehicle for children to de- velop skills and fitness and to be exposed to lessons of character to become better hu- man beings.” Students are given their own ID badges created by volunteers Rebecca Besner and Renée Séguin-Lalonde, who keep track of attendance and other accomplishments such as student recognition and registra- tion to ensure the program runs smoothly. “Student engagement increases because students have a reason to come to school and to demonstrate all the great things they can do to make school and their com- munity a better place,” explained Kennedy


CORNWALL | Students at Eamer’s Cor- ners Public School are getting fit and de- veloping character and leadership skills thanks to a unique program called SPEC OPS. The program encourages students in grades 3-6 to volunteer two lunch hours a week, attending sessions that focus on character and fitness development cen- tered around three pillars: active living, character development and student leader- ship. Every Friday, 88 participants also enjoy a sports day. Students attend the sessions and spend the first five minutes in discussions with the principal, Kieran Kennedy, or other “cham- pions”, including staff members, Erin Da- vidson, Sylvie Sabourin and Lianne Chaput, who facilitate rich discussions and experi-

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Parks horticulturist subforemanWayne Lauzon and Mayor Bob Kilger planted a haw- thorn tree next to the bandshell in Lamoureux Park on April 22, in recognition of Earth Day. The tree is just one small sign of the City’s commitment to the environ- ment. Each year, the City plants approximately 75 new and replacement trees along City streets and in neighbourhood parks. In addition, the City will be undertaking additional tree-planting efforts in the near future in response to the threat posed by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). Cornwall’s Earth Day spirit will kick into high gear on May 3, when the annual Spring Clean-UpWeek is launched. During the weeklong event, residents are encouraged to gather a group of friends, family or co-workers and help clean a park, boulevard or other public space.

Exposition de sciences

À CORUS ENTERTAINMENT, TV COGECO, LES COMMANDITAIRES, LES DONATEURS ET LES BÉNÉVOLES DU RADIOTHON POUR VOTRE PRÉCIEUX SOUTIEN POUR LE RADIOTHON 2014 MER I Votre générosité aidera la Fondation à remplacer l’appareil d’ échographie cardiaque à l’Hôpital communautaire de Cornwall. MERCI d’avoir le cœur sur la main! 101 325 $ à ce jour

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Les élèves de l’Héritage ont bien représent é leur école lors de la 39 e exposition de sciences des Comtés unis, le 4 avril dernier. Gabriel Valin, qui présentait un projet sur le magnétisme et le perpétuel, a reçu le prix Ontario Power Generation Best in Energy . Grace Point a présenté un projet sur l’alimentation thérapeutique pour diabétiques et a remporté le prix Silver Award et Dr. Charles Pender Memorial Plaque Best in Hu- man Project . Nolan Armstrong et Ryan Boileau ont tous deux présenté leur projet touchant les jeux vidéo et l’adrénaline. Ils ont remport é le prix Silver Award Profes- sional Engineers of Ontario , Elementary Teachers’ Federation Plaque ainsi que Excel- lence in an Experimental Project Junior Boy . Alexander Murphy et Even Boeckh (notre photo) ont pr ésenté leur projet intitul é Une aile plus portante . Ils ont remport é le prix Top 6 Projects Outstanding Research, Pommier Award – Best Mark, Ontario Association of Certified Engineering – Best in Applied Science ainsi que St. Lawrence College – Best in Physical Sciences . (FR)

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Allan Wilson, Président du conseil d’administration Fondation de l’Hôpital de Cornwall

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