Minutes of the Faculty-Student Association (FSA); Binder 2;…


A discussion of poor "FSA image" in recent RECORD articles took place.

Dr. Young charged the Finance Committee to:

1.) Make a study and analysis of the budget and financial status of all FSA operations with an interim report to be presented at the March 3rd Board Meeting and a final report at the April 22nd Board Meeting. These reports will be public information and will be open for publication in the RECORD or distribution to any interested group. 2.) Review the report of price variations within FSA operations and prepare an official statement which can be released to the Board (and for public information) for the March 3rd Board Meeting. · 3.) Make an on-the-spot inspection of washers and dryers and prepare a report with respect to the guidelines that were requested for possible increases in washers and dryers. This report will be presented at the March 3rd Board Meeting. No action on the above items is to be taken until the report of the Finance Committee has been presented at the March 3rd Board Meeting.

Any committee report dealing with the financial condition of any Division should be submitted to the Finance Committee.

Dr. Young charged the Food Service Committee to make a recommendation to the Board at the March 3rd meeting regarding the Fall 1975 Meal Plan. This report should be available for the Finance Committee's review one week before the March 3rd meeting.

All reports should be submitted to Board members through the Executive Director's Office 6 days prior to the Board meeting.

The Finance Committee will meet on Tuesday, February 18th at 9:00 a.m.

Dr. Young directed the Executive Director to review Corporate budgets for 1975-76 with the appropriate committees. The budgets are to be presented to the Board at the April 22nd meeting.


A discussion of increased food cost as a result of the loss of the geriatrics contract was held. Jim Ross, Director of Residence Life, indicated that before any changes are made in programs students should be given the information for review.

An FSA Brochure-Directory will be published in the near future.

The Executive Director reported there has been no change in operating revenues. There is a shortage of cash. It will probably be necessary for FSA to borrow $150,000 for c a sh flow purposes in the time pe r i od June t hrough July of 1975.

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