Minutes of the Faculty-Student Association (FSA); Binder 2;…

- 3-

Hedda Gordon moved to accept appointments to the committees as listed. Robin Russell seconded the motion. 14, 0, 0 CARRIED


Dr. Bennett moved that notice of all regular meetings of the Board be sent to the "College Bulletin" and the student newspaper at least two (2) weeks prior to each meeting date and that a Standing Rule be adopted by this Board which requires items for consideration of the Board to be presented to the Executive Director at least ten (10) days prior to the date for a scheduled meeting for distribution to the Board no later than one week prior to the scheduled meeting. Dr. Quatroche seconded the motion. 14, 0, 0 CARRIED Dr. Bennett moved that in addition to the Executive Director as primary signing authority for the Corporation, the Senior Corporation Accounting Officer be designated an alternate signing authority for the disbursement of the funds of the Association. Dr. Quatroche seconded the motion. 14, 0, 0 CARRIED Mr. Peffer moved to censure the two directors who have failed to complete the application for the liquor license. Dr. Min seconded the motion. Dr. Min moved to amend: that the Board direct the Executive Director to inform the two directors that processes for removal will take place at the next regular meeting if they do not complete the application. Bernadette Fustino seconded the amendment.


Main motion moved with amendment.

10, 1, 3 CARRIED

Mr. Kaplan moved to discuss the proposal from Dorm students. Bernadette Fustino seconded the motion. 13, 1, 0 CARRIED Dr. Quatroche moved to accept the proposal from the ad hoc committee represented by Dave Kolva and to direct the Food Service Committee to consider the proposals as they related to the jurisdiction of each committee and to prepare recommenda–

tions for Board consideration. Mr. Allen seconded the motion. Dr. Quatroche moved to close debate on above motion. Mr. Allen seconded to close debate.


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