K-Line Ag TrackAttack Brochure


® ATTACK THAT TRACK WITH THE K-LINE AG TRACKATTACK • Leaves a level wheel track • Two row system ideal for working in residue with minimal bunching

Wheel Track Restoration Made Easy!

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TrackAttack Specifications ®

Category 3, Three Point Linkage Mount

Track Centre Width


Model No.


Renovate at 2m or 3m wheel tracks



Renovate at 2m, 3m or 4m wheel tracks


The TrackAttack by K-Line Ag is designed to level out wheel tracks, ruts and uneven terrain. The front row of discs cut through the ground, loosening and moving the soil onto the tram-line, then the crumbler roller follows behind breaking down the soil and cloddy dirt. This leaves the tram-line with a flat and even weed free surface, making it easier and smoother for equipment to pass. ®


Optional 3 & 4 Row Spring Tine Harrows can be attached for levelling in heavy black soils

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