New Hire Binder (MB)


The HR Team is comprised of the following individuals who are dedicated to providing you with the human support:

Jennifer Bell, HR Manager , Jen oversees the Human Resources department and services headquarters employees, Sinak Branch and Red Eagle Appraisals. (314) 628-2051

Carla Garcia, HR Coordinator . Carla supports HQ and office branches in administering health and welfare benefits, payroll and on-boarding orientation. (314) 628-5055

Keith Graham, HR Specialist. Keith supports HQ and offices branches for payroll and health/welfare benefits (314) 628-2105

Kristopher Karsten, HR Specialist. Kris supports timekeeping/payroll, Mortgage Banker/Loan Partner licensing, Employee Relations and online application/recruiting systems. (314) 628-2250

Riley Bell, HR Office Assistant. Riley supports file maintenance and other HR support functions within the Human Resources Team (314) 628-5077

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