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Some of these processes slow down with age. Your hormones can dip, and it can cause your appearance to change. That’s when you need to help your genes with a boost. We recommend hormone therapy to replenish the hormones you’re missing and bring balance back to your body. Sometimes, your other 70 percent of genes need a boost. In those instances, natural treatments combined with technology can improve what your diet cannot. Many people are affected by fat under the chin, for example, and we treat it by using a chemical product naturally produced in the body that can dissolve the fat in that area. Fat is hereditary, but destroying it is permanent.

Let’s Talk About Food

How You Can Influence 30 Percent of Your Genes

Did you know that humans have fewer genes than a tomato? It’s true. In mapping the human genome, scientists learned a lot about what we are made of. According to their research, between 60 and 70 percent of our genes are fixed. The rest are modifiable, which means you have influence over your health, including your skin. In a recent experiment, half of the participants continued their regular diets, while the other half ate a diet of mostly cruciferous vegetables. The participants were measured before and after their diet. After only 16 weeks — less than 4 months — those who ate mostly cruciferous vegetables saw a 20 percent increase in the thickness of their skin. Their color had also improved. Even after being evaluated by different dermatologists who didn’t know which group was which, the results were consistent — the participants who ate the diet of cruciferous veggies showed an improvement in their skin. One of the simplest ways to improve your skin through your diet is to eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables. Many of these vegetables are in season right now, so it’s the perfect time for you to find them at the store or market. These include broccoli, arugula, bok choy, cauliflower, collard greens, kale, chard, squash, asparagus, celery, radishes, mustard greens, rutabaga, and turnips. Why are these specific vegetables so helpful? It has been shown that eating them increases the amount of collagen in the skin. So, like your mom told you, eat your veggies! Just grab them on the go if you can, eat them raw or cooked. Eating them makes a significant difference for your skin and overall health. That’s what a healthy diet does — it provides your body with nutrients, like vitamins and antioxidants, that keep it looking and feeling good. Exercise also gives your skin and your overall health a huge boost. When you exercise, you produce hormones, like endorphins, that your body needs to look and feel great. When you see someone out there running, they are producing the hormones that give them that fresh look!

The bottom line is to do what you can to help improve the health of your modifiable genes. Eat a lot of vegetables, get in some exercise, and you can leave the rest up to us.

-Dr. Sanchez OWNER, MEDICAL DIRECTOR | 956-664-1234

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The Key to Success:

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Feelings are a good thing. Companies want to hire people who have high emotional intelligence, and emotions are what differentiates you from an electronic device that can even mimic your voice. But what happens when your feelings overwhelm you? Anyone who’s awoken in the middle of the night with a racing heart and panicked thoughts can relate to this. And it may be what’s keeping you from achieving your goals. Brianna Wiest, who writes about emotional intelligence, suggests that by organizing our emotions, we can use them to reach our goals. By using aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy and learning to organize your emotions to reach your goals, you can prevent them from controlling you. As Wiest says, you’ll learn “where they come from, whether or not they serve you, and what they are trying to tell you.” Track Your Feelings Start by making this part of your morning routine: When you wake up, acknowledge how you are feeling. If it helps, write down a bulleted list of your feelings. Use “I feel” statements. You might write, “I feel anxious about everything I have to get done today,” or, “I feel happy that I get to work on the new project today.” Identify Sources Are there certain triggers — people, activities, habits — that always cause you to feel a certain way? Which of those are propelling you to achieve your goals, and which are hampering that progress? Make a list of everything that’s causing you stress — going to your doctor’s appointment, talking to your financial planner, calling back your mom — and mark a specific day and time that week to review your list. Chances are, when you come back to it, you’ll find that most of the items on the list weren’t really worth worrying about. For every item that’s still a source of stress, make an action plan for how and when you’ll resolve it. For those worries that can be dealt with immediately, note how much satisfaction you get from taking care of them. Let Your Schedule Honor Your Feelings Wiest points out that people often have an all-or-nothing mentality. Many think, “I feel great today, so I’m going to get all my work done!” Or, “I’m tired today, so I’m going to put all my work off for tomorrow.” The problem is that this mentality is not sustainable. If you track your emotions, you’ll understand how they influence your behavior. For example, if you notice that you feel a certain emotion during afternoon meetings, see if you can shift them to the morning.

Implement these strategies today and allow your emotions to nurture rather than restrict your goals. | page 4 | 956-664-1234

Get That Unwanted Extra Chin Out of There! You’ve been working out and are feeling great about your body, but that stubborn area beneath your chin won’t budge. It’s discouraging, but don’t get frustrated! There is a treatment that can help. Kybella is a nonsurgical injection treatment that specializes in targeting the double chin. There’s a naturally occurring type of bile acid in humans called deoxycholate acid that helps dilute and dissolve the fats we ingest. This bile mixes with the fats we eat every day, making them usable while eliminating what our bodies don’t need. The Kybella treatment uses a chemical nearly identical to deoxycholate acid. This synthetic chemical copy is injected directly under the chin where people have moderate or excess amounts of fat. The acid does the rest, destroying the fat cells located in the area and decreasing the chance for them to be stored there again. Before you undergo the procedure, you must first qualify for the treatment and meet with our expert team to find out which treatment is right for you. They will make sure that you’re healthy and

qualified for Kybella. It’s important to discuss all of your medical history and any other cosmetic procedures you may have had on your upper body and face. Be sure to tell us if you plan on becoming pregnant, are with child, or are nursing, as the effects of Kybella in these circumstances are still unknown. Treatments involve 20–30 injections across the timeline and can sometimes go up to 50, depending on the patient. The number of injections and treatments varies from person to person. While it’s a quick and easy procedure, you may experience swelling and redness after Kybella, so it’s advised not to get treated before any major events to give yourself time to heal and recuperate. The treatment works quickly — patients receive up to six treatments with about a month between each — and the results can last a lifetime. Eager to find out if Kybella will work for you? Call Beautique Medical Spa at 956-664-1234 today for more information!


Eating your fruits and veggies is good for your skin, so what about putting them on your face? Check out how these fruits and herbs are used in our favorite products to leave skin feeling fresh. Lemon and Herbs Herban Essentials sources ingredients from American farmers for their fruit and herb essential oils and for their Essential Oil Towelettes, which, in scents like lemon and lavender, are pure, fresh, and fabulous. Citrus

Watermelon Salad

Inspired by Food & Wine magazine

INGREDIENTS • 8 cups seedless

1 pinch of cayenne pepper

watermelon, cut into 1-inch cubes

1/2 cup mint leaves, torn

Using orange oil, the citrus gel cleanser from Rhonda Allison cleans skin as it lathers and foams. Those with sensitive skin may find it especially beneficial.

Salt to taste

1/4 cup fresh lime juice

DIRECTIONS 1. In a large mixing or salad bowl, toss watermelon with lime juice and cayenne pepper.

Raspberries, Blueberries, and Blackberries The Kismet Hydrogel Eye Mask makes use of berry extracts, including blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry, to lift and firm the eye area and leave it feeling rejuvenated. Warning: You’ll want a berry smoothie after.

2. Gently fold in mint leaves. 3. Sprinkle with salt and serve . | page 3 | 956-664-1234


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1. Let’s Talk About Your Diet

2. Are Your Emotions Preventing Your Success?

2. Get the Scoop!

3. Get the Look You Deserve

3. Fresh Finds

Not Your Average Actress

Eva Longoria is not your average actress. In fact, that’s only one of her titles. In addition to being a director, producer, author, and political activist, Longoria holds a master’s degree from California State University in Chicano studies. Her thesis focused on the importance of Latina representation in the STEM fields. The woman is a powerhouse, to say the least. Oh, and she’s a native Texan, to boot — Longoria grew up just a few hours away in Corpus Christi. When it comes to beauty, Eva also applies her brains. She doesn’t put up with uncomfortable garb and doesn’t fight her age. “It’s happening! It’s just inevitable. I just do my best to look my best,” Eva said in an interview with Mirror UK. We couldn’t have said it better.

2. She believes in the timeless power of eating well and regular exercise. “Especially as you get older, people want to know the secret to looking good, and there is no secret. It’s diet and exercise,” Eva said in an interview with Vogue Australia. She doesn’t live by extremes, either, like eating little but not exercising. “You have to do both,” Eva says. 3. She swears by sunblock. When asked about her youthful skin, Eva attributes it to her skin care regimen, which includes religiously applying sunblock. “People want to know my makeup regimen, but it starts with skin care. You can’t pile makeup on bad skin. I’m a serum, potion, moisturiser, eye cream kind of girl.”

Here are some of the other ideals she lives by. 1. She’s all about comfort.

Eva says she feels great when she first wakes up, even before doing her hair or applying makeup. That’s partly thanks to her husband, who reaffirms how good she looks without makeup. “That’s what everyone should have in their life,” she says. Even when it comes to red carpet gowns, Eva says she wants something she can move in. “If it’s weird to wear and it’s hard to breathe, I don’t want to wear it,” Eva says. | 956-664-1234

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