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Why I Love What I Do Y ou know you’re in the right line of work when you’re eager to get started on the day. This has remained true for me for the past 25 years.

Of course, my life isn’t just about law. As passionate as I am about law, I can’t say enough about my family. As the father of six adult children (five daughters and one son) and a grandfather of two, my life outside of the office and the courtroom is very fulfilling.

As my kids have grown up, I’ve learned that parenting doesn’t stop when they hit 18, leave for college,

"It’s problem- solving turned up to 11."

or move out on their own. Three of my kids live out of state, while the others, including my youngest still at home, remain here. No matter where they are, I’m still Dad, and they often need me to fill that role. When I get home from work, I enjoy cooking. I try to cook for the family every once in a while. I often go for comfort food or something we all love, though sometimes I may try a new recipe. I will say that I’m known for my chocolate walnut brownies. I grew up as one of nine siblings. As the second oldest, I often helped my mother cook. I learned to cook from a young age, and even after all these years, it’s still something I enjoy doing. Thankfully, I’m not cooking for nine-plus people all the time.

It goes without saying, but I love what I do. Family law presents new situations and new people to be helped every day. I love that I’m able to do something new practically every day. I certainly don’t have a hard time keeping the passion alive, so to speak.

One day, I might be prosecuting a domestic violence case. The next day, I might be working on a trial. And then the day after that, I may be in a meeting to divide property between former spouses. Or, following the death of one spouse, I may help the surviving spouse recover property from the estate. The list goes on and on. In family law, there are so many situations that can arise. And just as there are countless situations, there are so many ways to approach those situations as an attorney. It’s problem- solving turned up to 11. Another thing I appreciate is not sitting at the office all day. It’s a job with a lot of movement, jumping between the office and court, and any number of meetings in between. It really keeps me on my toes, figuratively and literally.

Of course, when you love comfort foods, it’s always good to balance it out with plenty of physical activity. I love to work out and do so for about an hour every day. It keeps me grounded and focused. It’s one of the best ways to reduce stress and just feel better. I currently participate in Orangetheory Fitness. I’m usually there between 5 and 6. It’s exercise based on high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It blends cardio with strength training. Last year, I got 245 sessions in. This year, I aim to keep on going. When you love what you do and have that spark of passion, it makes it that much easier to keep going and push yourself. I’m looking forward to the year ahead, and I’m looking forward to continuing to help people in their time of need.

—John Bledsoe

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