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Our weekly updates are becoming more exciting and more challenging. As we move forward we try our best to stick together. It is in these unprecedented times where working as a team and walking the same path matters the most. Moreover, congratulations to our MEIA 30 Day Drive your Learning participants as well as to our Top 10 winners. Great job to everyone who took part of it. You set a real example to us all and made us Proud!


eLearning Section

Shangri-La Academy

Jen Deep Dive

Managing Online Content using IcePortal

An interesting course that will give you an in - depth information about the brand, JEN by Shangri - La such as the brand pillars, personality, target personas, experience principles and Signature Programs.

A new course that will help you and your team easily manage all you visuals and have them distributed to thousands of online channels. It will also help you understand how to use IcePortal.


30 Day MEIA Drive Your Learning Competition

Where do we begin?? The dedication, persistence, resilience, motivation, encouragement and positive energy...it was all YOU. 30 days of competition, WhatsApp's flooding with videos, voice notes, pictures and emojis gave the group a great sense of commitment and team work. Enjoy this video that was done by one of our participants to show you a brief on how our past weeks looked like!!

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Why settle for average when you can be the Star. Not only did we have winners on a local level but our Top 3 Learners made it among the Top 5 MEIA REGIONAL LEARNERS!!!!! Once again Congratulations to all. You showed us that the impossible can be possible and that Learning can be fun. You are the kind of Colleagues that inspire others to keep going and push beyond their limits.

Top 10 Learners

Name/ Department

Points Achieved

Erna—Front Office AH


Abegail—Sales & Marketing




Naw—Food & Beverage


Irene—QI Executive Office




Antoinette—Front Office AW


Annie—Front Office AH




Prakash—Front Office AH


45 Courses

71 Courses

36 Courses

255 Videos

323 Videos

309 Videos

A Winner is a Dreamer Who Never Gives Up


Eid Mubarak

Ramadan is the Holy Month where people give back, forgive and focus on spirituality. It is the time to reflect, to make peace and to practice gratitude and mindfulness. It is the month of cleansing your mind, body and soul and a time to remove the negativity and make room for positive thoughts and mindfulness. Eid Mubarak to everyone and may we reunite and celebrate together soon.

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