Nurse Retention and Career Satisfaction

This proven program was designed to increase the retention and career satisfaction of nursing professionals and decrease overall recruitment costs. The promotional products chosen for this program were selected to help facilitate engagement, improve morale and enable employees to be more efficient throughout the work day. Promotional products remain less expensive per impression than most other forms of advertising. The investment in ad specialties is modest, more targeted and allows for much greater levels of interaction with consumers than other forms of advertising. This illustrates the power of promotional products: • 83% of respondents like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message • 88% recalled the advertiser • 82% own 1 to 10 promotional products • 53% use promotional products once a week or more Promotional products can play a key part in your comprehensive employee retention program with a core focus on the following: • Reducing employee turnover • Improving morale through better onboarding and ongoing appreciation methods THE POWER OF HEALTHCARE PROMOS TO INCREASE RETENTION

With our comprehensive recruitment and retention program and a solid understanding of your organizational needs, we can help you too!

Stats provided by Promotional Products Association International

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