3200T MaxxRipper 3.5M 4.5M 6.0M Operator Safety Manual

Safety Information

SAFETY SIGN CARE • Keep safety signs clean and legible at all times. • Replace safety signs that are missing or have become illegible. TO ORDER SAFETY DECALS CONTACT: Australia: K-Line Agriculture

• Replaced parts that displayed a safety sign should also display the current sign.

USA: Contact the dealer your machine was purchased from.

PO Box 340 74 Young Rd Cowra NSW 2794 Email: sales@k-line.net.au Free-call: 1800 194 131

HOW TO INSTALL SAFETY SIGNS: • Be sure that the installation area is clean and dry. • Decide on the exact position before you remove the backing paper. • Remove the smallest portion of the split backing paper.

• Align the decal over the specified area and carefully press the small portion with the exposed sticky backing in place. • Slowly peel back the remaining paper and carefully smooth the remaining portion of the decal in place. • Failure to comply could result in serious injury or death.

Figure : 3.14 Safety Decal Placement. (3. SAFETY INFORMATION - Safety Decal Placement)

Figure : 3.13 Locate Where Necessary.


3200T Series Maxx Ripper


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