3200T MaxxRipper 3.5M 4.5M 6.0M Operator Safety Manual

Field Operation


Your Maxx Ripper is a heavy-duty deep tillage tool designed for hard pan removal and soil fracturing. MACHINE SETTINGS • Connect Maxx Ripper to your tractor. • Ensure that the jacks are removed from the roller mounts and placed onto the drawbar mounts. Only after drawbar pin and hydraulics are connected. WARNING: MACHINE AS DRAWBAR UPDRAFT

Figure : 4.3 Drawbar Jack Horizontal

Figure : 4.2 Drawbar Jack Vertical

WARNING NEVER REVERSE MACHINE WITH ROLLERS ON GROUND. NOTE: When setting up machine, always start shallow, then adjust down to required depth setting. • Locate the Pins above the roller bow to set the depth of the ripper. The bottom hole will rip at approximately 100mm and each hole that will drop the ripper 50mm further. NOTE: These are the approximate measurements, and exact ripping depth will change depending on soil type and other factors.

Figure : 4.4 Depth Of Holes


3200T Series Maxx Ripper


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