3200T MaxxRipper 3.5M 4.5M 6.0M Operator Safety Manual

Field Operation

4. The two 3x8” Rams between the drawbar and mainframe of the ripper set the angle of the mainframe to the ground when working. Use the depth stops provided to ensure that the mainframe is parallel to the ground when the ripper is digging. Once set for your depth you will not need to change this. a. These rams must run hard on the stops, so the stops are taking the weight. b. You may need to pull the ripper completely into the ground do determine how many depth- stops you need to correctly level the Ripper. c. For 300mm dig, try one silver and one red stop & adjust accordingly. SETTING UP THE MAXX RIPPER

Figure : 4.5 Ram Depth

Figure : 4.6 Digging Depth


3200T Series Maxx Ripper


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