3200T MaxxRipper 3.5M 4.5M 6.0M Operator Safety Manual



MAINTENANCE & SAFETY • Good maintenance is your responsibility. Poor maintenance is an invitation to trouble. • Make sure maintenance area has plenty of ventilation. Beware, exhaust fumes may cause asphyxiation. • Prior to commencing work, IDENTIFY ALL HAZARDS! Use control measures to elimi- nate these dangers. • Use blocks to support frame of machine on level area free of obstruction. • Always use a safety support and chock the wheels. • Never use only an implement jack to support the machine when doing maintenance. • Never work under raised machine unless all components are securely positioned and locked. • Engage all safety transport locks, chock wheels and front drawbar for temporary service if machine is in free standing mode. • A fire extinguisher and first aid kits should be kept readily accessible while performing maintenance on this equipment. • Follow the torque chart in this manual when tightening bolts and nuts 5. MAINTENANCE - Bolt Torque Tables. • Refer to bolt torque chart for head identifica- tion marking 5. MAINTENANCE - Bolt Torque Tables. • Always replace bolts with specified grades. • Where replacement parts are necessary for periodic maintenance and servicing, genuine factory replacement parts must be used to restore your equipment to original specifica- tions. • Always use approved lifting equipment. • If equipment has been altered in any way from original design, the manufacturer does not accept any liability for warranty or personal injury.

• Replace all shields and guards after servicing, before moving. • After servicing, be sure all tools, parts and service equipment are removed. • The machine is identified by the serial number on the metal plate on the machine. When requesting spare parts or maintenance service, please indicate the model and number of your equipment to ensure prompt and efficient attention. • K-Line Agriculture spare parts and acces- sories have been specifically designed and developed for the machines produced. We would call your attention to the fact that non-genuine parts and accessories are not recommended by K-Line. Use of non-genuine parts and accessories releas- es K-Line from all liability and makes the warranty void. • The installation and/or use of non-genuine parts may, because of technical characteris- tics of construction, modify or influence the performance of the machine negatively.

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3200T Series Maxx Ripper


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