3200T MaxxRipper 3.5M 4.5M 6.0M Operator Safety Manual



NOTE: Kit comes partially assembled and pre-greased. IMPORTANT; Locking nut must only be tensioned with approved socket. DO NOT tighten with hammer and punch.

1. Thoroughly clean roller shaft and check for defects. 2. Run a bead of silicon along the gap in the adaptor sleeve. 3. Apply ‘Lock Tight’ shaft lock to roller shaft.

4. Push bearing units onto roller shaft with mounting face to the exterior, ensuring large O-ring is installed in outer groove. Set outer mounting face of bearings apart to give a measurement of only 2-4mm less than the internal measurement of the bow, to allow easy fitting of roller assembly to bow. Distance of bearing faces must not be greater than internal measurement of bow, or O-ring may be damaged when fitting. 5. Double check bearing face position measurement is correct. IMPORTANT; Bearing assembly must be fully tensioned twice for complete seating. 6. To do this: • (a) Remove locking washer, and fully tighten castle nut to 500ft lb /700nm. • (b) Undo castle nut and insert locking washer. 7. Re-tighten locating nut to 500ft lbs /700nm. 8. Fold locking washer down. 9. Smear some grease around outer O-ring and slide roller assembly into bow, securing mounting bolts. 10. Ensure the O-ring is seated correctly, and the grease nipple is accessible. 11. Bolt flange bearing to bows and secure tightly. 12. Allow 12 hours after fitting to allow sealant to set before greasing, then follow Instructions for greasing roller bearings.

Figure : 6.5 Roller Bearing Fitting Instructions.


3200T Series Maxx Ripper


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