Shannon Law Group - June 2020



sure kids were not in abusive households. Well done, Dad. You can check all the boxes. You have been a good and faithful servant. When I was a vain, selfish young man, my father was never one to preach to me. Dad showed me how to live. After he retired, I witnessed my parents attend daily mass and rely more on their rich faith to handle adversity. Throughout my life, although their economic riches were few, the depths of their relationships were rich. Throughout his life, my father never faltered in exhibiting faith, hope, and love. When my mom could no longer care for herself, Dad took care of her for years until he couldn’t go it alone. I witnessed such great love from my father toward my mother and others since I was a little kid. He showed me what it was like to be a stand-up man. For that, I am beyond grateful. I have never met anyone so comfortable in his own skin. He knew who he was. After witnessing my father’s life, who wouldn’t want to imitate him? I know I wanted what he had. It’s a good thing he left us a playbook.

relationships were the richness in life. His most important response was to put God first, others second, and himself last. His advice to me was to forgive one another as soon as possible (even if it hurts), move forward, and love one another. He firmly believed that humility and the habit of saying “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you” was always the right move, even when it seemed impossible. He wouldn’t wait on the apology. He went first. We will miss you, Dad. I hope you and Mom are having long meals together and watching your favorite shows. Enjoy your pitch games with your brothers in heaven. If you wouldn’t mind, then please say some prayers for the Mariners to be in the World Series during my lifetime and for the Sonics’ comeback some day. Please watch over me so I can be even a fraction of the man you were. Please continue to inspire all of our family and friends and pray that we will be as kind, generous, and forgiving as you. I love you, Dad.

– Joseph Shannon

I’ll close with this. Dad’s default response for great moral decision-making was very predictable. Lasting, deep


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