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Often, a catastrophic injury leaves you unable to work or unable to maintain your household duties. It delivers a crushing blow not only to you but also to your entire family. After a catastrophic crash, most families that come into our office have already incurred a mountain of medical bills. Many expect the trucking company’s insurer to pay for all their medical bills as they come in. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. The insurance company won’t pay anything until the case is resolved through a settlement or trial verdict. In Cook County, where most of our cases are filed, that can mean your medical bills are piling up for years before you receive any justice. There are three options that can help you while your case is pending.

Here’s a tip: Buy at least $50,000 in MedPay coverage for your policy. It could help a lot down the line.

Option 2: Make sure medical providers bill your health insurance.

There’s a reason you pay your monthly health insurance premiums: to protect yourself from huge medical expenses that result from something like a truck accident. Sometimes, medical providers try to avoid submitting your bills to your health insurance because they believe they can recover more money from a settlement. Don’t let them get away with it. If the hospital refuses to submit your bills to your health insurance company, then we’re happy to talk with them.

Option 3: Check your eligibility for assistance programs.

There are several public and private assistance programs that can help you endure any difficult financial situations that lie ahead.

Option 1: Utilize medical payments coverage (aka MedPay).

If you have auto insurance, then you likely have medical payments coverage under your policy.

In the past, we’ve had clients successfully apply for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security disability benefits, short- and long-term disability insurance benefits, and unemployment benefits.

Under your medical payment (MedPay) coverage, your auto insurance company will help pay crash-related medical bills up to the limits of your MedPay coverage. Your attorney will submit your medical bills to your insurance company, which will issue a check to you for the amount of the bills up to the policy limits.

In addition to those programs, our clients have worked with some great local charity organizations that help people in need.

As always, we’re here to help you or someone you know after a devastating truck crash. You can reach out to us 24/7, and we’ll sit down with you and discuss your legal options. – Pat Cummings ‘THE OPENING STATEMENT WITH JOE SHANNON’


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