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We have a saying at the Ranch: “No one becomes great by accident. There are no ‘part-time’ people who are exceptional. You become great on purpose. To be exceptional at anything, you must be ALL in.” The Texas Baseball Ranch® has been ALL IN in regards to our training systems and our facility development since we broke ground in 2006. This summer, our clients AVERAGED a 4.9 mph gain since June! We now stand at 310 of our clients topping 90 miles per hour, 114 above 94mph, and 14 exceeding 100 mph! Obviously, that, in and of itself, is impressive and speaks volumes as to the efficacy of the system of hyper-personalization and the power of the Ranch program. But the most impressive thing to our coaching staff was the significant improvements in command and arm health. So, in a nutshell, our average guy gained 5 mph in velocity, significantly improved his strike throwing capabilities, and drastically improved the health and durability of his arm, elbow, and shoulder. As I joke with our professional clients all the time, “Who wouldn’t sign up for THAT trifecta? Throw harder … with better accuracy and a healthier, more durable arm.” No place on the planet does a better job of creating these three things simultaneously than the Texas Baseball Ranch® . And the most impressive thing to me is that we do not stand still. Every single week, we keep improving.

While our extended summer program and our summer three-day Elite Pitchers Boot Camps are coming to a close, we now are gearing up for our fall and winter events, our local weekly training sessions conducted by Coach Massey, and our trips to Southern California, Chicago, and Italy. At the Ranch, several things stay consistent regardless of the place on the calendar. 1) We are always striving to improve every single day. 2) There is ALWAYS a “what’s next”!

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We hope to see you soon!

– Ron Wolforth

Arm Care in the New Pool

Inaugural Legacy Group

Summer 2017 Session I

Session II Guys With Their Velocity Gains


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