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April 2018

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Beauty Is in the Eye of the Child Being close to such beautiful landscapes during my childhood provided many

disappointed that my original artwork was taken away, but I’ve since learned to work with more appropriate mediums to create my designs. In fact, it was those early attempts at creativity that led me to dentistry. Looking back, I recognize that what I saw in those cracks was the same inspiration I find in a patient’s smile. There’s imperfection, and within it, there’s beauty. Dentistry gives us the opportunity to bring out what’s naturally there. It might sound like a stretch to call dentists artists, but I like to think that when I give a patient a cleaner, brighter smile and offer them a treatment that makes them smile more, I’m also creating a piece of art — one that my patient gets to show off every day. In this month’s newsletter, we’re featuring another form of art dentistry can take — the kind that lies in giving you a new tooth or a new set of teeth. We get to hear from Dr. Jeff and learn why he chose to focus on implants and veneers. I guess creativity must run in the family — Dr. Jeff is also my son. Fortunately, he has

So I grabbed a hammer, got on the hood of the truck, and spent a considerable amount of time extending those cracks. I was so proud of my artwork. When I was done with my masterpiece, I jumped off the hood of the pickup and went to grab my mom. “Mom, you have to come see what I did!” I announced proudly. She followed me outside and stood silently as I told her about my art project. I brought her to the pickup. I was so thrilled and excited about my artwork. She was speechless. She obviously did not see what I did in that damaged windshield. Despite what I’d done to the pickup, I must have convinced her that it wasn’t so bad, because I lived to tell the tale. From that point on, my mom gave us kids plenty of crayons and paper to create with. I was

opportunities for outdoor fun. We’d head to Glacier National Park to kayak in one of the most pristine areas just south of our border. My brother and I raced snowmobiles in the winter and motorcycles in the summer — and the whole family often joined in the fun.

But sometimes, instead of running around outside, I just wanted to be an artist.

When I was 5, I noticed the cracks on the windshield of our truck for the first time. I remember being very curious about those cracks. I thought, “They’re like tiny spiderwebs. How beautiful!” I saw the smaller cracks that hadn’t begun to spiderweb, and I imagined it would be even more beautiful if I could create the same designs across the windshield.

steered away from windshields and sticks to creating beautiful smiles.

Have a happy April, and until next month,

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