Andover Unified Development Manual

Part 2 — Unified Development Ordinance Subdivision Regulations

City of Andover Unified Development Manual

3. To provide for efficient distribution of utility services, including: a. Adequate quantity and quality of water. b. Disposal and treatment of sewage. c. Power supplies, including electricity and natural gas. d. Communications services. 4. To provide for other improvements to protect the public health, safety and general welfare, including: a. Limiting water and air pollution. b. Limiting congestion of population and traffic.

2.3.2 — Subdivision Regulations

ARTICLE 1. TITLE, PURPOSE, JURISDICTION & APPLICABILITY 100 Title and Authority A. Title. These regulations may be cited as the "Subdivision Regulations of the City of Andover, Kansas", and are referred to within this document as "these Subdivision Regulations". B. Authority. These Subdivision Regulations are adopted under authority established by K.S.A. 12-741 et seq. as amended, 12-3009, 12-3010, 12-3011, 12-3012, 12-3301 and 12-3302. 101 Purpose A. Responsible land subdivision is the initial step in the process of orderly community development. Once land has been divided into streets, lots, and blocks, and publicly recorded, the correction of defects is difficult and costly. These Subdivision Regulations are intended to serve the following purposes: 1. To provide for the harmonious development of the City of Andover, and for a portion of the surrounding unincorporated area of Butler County. 2. To provide for orderly land subdivision, including: a. Desirable lot layouts. b. Efficient and coordinated streets and roadways. c. Efficient and sustainable stormwater drainage.

c. Reserving or dedicating land for: (1) Park and recreational purposes.

(2) Protection from periodic flooding conditions. (3) Preservation of water quality and quantity. (4) Protection from soil erosion. (5) Greenspace to preserve natural areas for watercourses, drainage ways, woodland, wildlife habitat, or rugged topography. d. Providing for adequate access for fire fighting equipment and police protection. 5. To coordinate these Subdivision Regulations with other planning efforts, including: a. Other City and County regulations which also affect land development, including zoning regulations, and sanitary and construction codes. b. The Andover Area, Kansas 2014-2023 Comprehensive Plan , and its goals, policies and planning proposals. c. Other City of Andover planning studies, including the 2011 US 54/400 Corridor Study and the US 54 Design Guidelines , and the Park System Master Plan 2014-2024 .

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