Andover Unified Development Manual

Part 2 — Unified Development Ordinance Subdivision Regulations

City of Andover Unified Development Manual

1. Any word or phrase which is defined in this Uniform Development Manual has that defined meaning whenever used in these Subdivision Regulations. 2. Words or terms which are not defined within this Uniform Development Manual have their ordinary meaning, as defined by State statute or in a dictionary. B. Within these Subdivision Regulations, interpret the following terms as shown below: 1. The word "City" means the City of Andover. 2. The word "County" means Butler County, Kansas. 3. The words "County Engineer" mean the officially appointed engineer for Butler County, Kansas. 4. The words "Planning Commission" mean the Andover City Planning Commission. 5. The words "Governing Body" mean the Mayor and City Council of the City of Andover, Kansas, unless the term is specifically identified otherwise. a. The words "County Governing Body" mean the Board of County Commissioners of Butler County, Kansas. (Applicable Benton and Bruno Township Trustees may cooperate in the installation of improvements.) b. The words "applicable Governing Body" mean either the Andover Governing Body (for urban subdivisions in the City), or the Butler County Board of Commissioners or applicable Township Trustees (for rural subdivisions). 6. The words "Comprehensive Plan" mean the most recent comprehensive plan which has been adopted by the Andover Planning Commission and approved by the Governing Body. 7. The acronym "FEMA" means the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

ARTICLE 2. INTERPRETATION & CONSTRUCTION 100 Rules of Interpretation A. Overlapping or Contradictory Regulations. Where the provisions of these Subdivision Regulations are either more or less restrictive than comparable provisions of any other applicable law, ordinance, resolution, or regulation, the more restrictive provisions govern. B. Cumulative Limitations. The provisions of these Subdivision Regulations are cumulative. Any limitations on other laws and ordinances passed before or after the effective date of these Regulations, governing any subject matter addressed within the provisions of these Regulations, do not apply. C. Private Agreements. These Subdivision Regulations are not intended to abrogate any lawful and valid easement, deed restriction, covenant or other private legal agreement. However, where these Subdivision Regulations are more restrictive or impose higher standards than such a private agreement, the provisions of these Subdivision Regulations govern. 1. The City is not responsible for enforcing private agreements. D. Unlawful Subdivisions. A subdivision of land which did not lawfully exist on the effective date of these Subdivision Regulations will not become lawful solely by reason of the adoption and approval of these Subdivision Regulations. 101 Rules of Construction A. Definitions to be used in the interpretation and construction of these Subdivision Regulations are found in Part 2.4 of the Andover Unified Development Manual.

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