Andover Unified Development Manual

Part 2 — Unified Development Ordinance Subdivision Regulations

City of Andover Unified Development Manual

102 Duties of City Clerk A. The City Clerk must:

103 Duties of Subdivision Committee A. The Planning Commission may create a Subdivision Committee, composed of 3 or more Commission members. 1. The Chairperson of the Planning Commission, with the concurrence of the Commission, appoints the members of the Subdivision Committee, and designates the Committee's Chair and Vice-Chair, for whatever length of time deemed appropriate. 2. Individuals may be asked to serve as ex-officio Committee members, including the Subdivision Administrator and other officials engaged in public works, utilities, sanitation, safety and building, and zoning administration. B. The Subdivision Committee, among other assignments, may: 1. Invite township trustees to Committee meetings, when plats or vacations are proposed in their township. 2. Review sketch plans, and forward comments to the potential Subdivider. 3. Review preliminary plats to determine whether they comply with these Subdivision Regulations, review final plats and replats to determine whether they comply with the preliminary plat and these Subdivision Regulations, and forward their determinations and recommendations to the Planning Commission. 4. Review proposed lot splits and vacations as requested, for recommendations to the Planning Commission. C. Any person aggrieved by any comments, determinations or recommendations of the Subdivision Committee has a right to appeal to the Planning Commission.

1. Make at least one copy of the Subdivision Regulations and their associated ordinances available for public inspection at all reasonable business hours. a. Mark copies as "Official Copy as Incorporated by Ordinance No. ____". b. Keep copies updated to reflect any revisions to the Subdivision Regulations. c. Attach a copy of any incorporating or amending ordinance. 2. Maintain at least one copy of each previously adopted set of Subdivision Regulations, as an archive of the City's history of subdivision regulation. 3. Distribute official copies of the Subdivision Regulations to all departments of the City charged with their administration and enforcement, including the Subdivision Administrator, Zoning Administrator, Building Inspector, Police Department, City Attorney, and Municipal Court. 4. Process required subdivision fees. 5. Provide clerical assistance to the Governing Body, to facilitate and record their actions in the exercise of their duties relating to these Subdivision Regulations.

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