Andover Unified Development Manual

Part 2 — Unified Development Ordinance Subdivision Regulations

City of Andover Unified Development Manual

ARTICLE 4. PERMITS 100 Building and Zoning Permits

101 Enforcement A. A plat or replat must comply with the provisions of these Subdivision Regulations in order to be approved by the Planning Commission. 1. An approved plat or replat must be signed by the Planning Commission and the Governing Body to be valid. 2. A valid plat or replat is entitled to be recorded by the County Register of Deeds. a. No lot, tract or parcel of land located in a plat accepted for dedications by the Governing Body can be transferred or sold until a plat or replat has been recorded by the County Register of Deeds. B. These Subdivision Regulations are enforced by the Subdivision Administrator, and the City officials charged with issuing building and zoning permits and occupancy certificates, or their designees, working in conjunction with the City Attorney.

A. No building or zoning permit or occupancy certificate will be issued in any subdivision subject to these Subdivision Regulations until a plat is recorded. (See Subdivision Regulations, Section 1-103C for Vesting of Development Rights.) 1. Exception: Permits or certificates may be issued without a recorded plat for repairs, maintenance, site grading, utilities, accessory structures, or continuation of an existing use or occupancy. B. No building or zoning permit or occupancy certificate will be issued within a subdivision approved for platting, replatting or lot splitting, until one of the following conditions applies: 1. Required utility facilities are installed and ready for service, and roadways providing access to the property have been or are being constructed. 2. Guarantees have been provided ensuring the installation of necessary utilities and roadways. C. If a plat is not required, dedications in lieu of platting may be required before a permit or certificate is issued. Such dedications may be needed in order to provide utility or drainage easements, access control, sufficient right-of-way width, or necessary public improvements. (See Subdivision Regulations, Section 1-103B for Exemptions to Applicability.)

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