Andover Unified Development Manual

Part 2 — Unified Development Ordinance Subdivision Regulations

City of Andover Unified Development Manual

k. Waiver of Annexation. Subdivisions outside the city limits which request any City utility service must agree to waive any protest of future annexation. (1) Show the following statement on the final plat, and include it in the subdivision's restrictive covenants: "Owners of lands within this subdivision do hereby bind themselves to waive any protest to annexation by the City of Andover, Kansas". (a) See Subdivision Regulations, Section 6-108E2 for Restrictive Covenants. (2) A Waiver of Annexation agreement contained in restrictive covenants, when filed by the City with the County Register of Deeds within 30 days after being executed, is sufficient consent to annexation to bind the owner(s) of the land and any of their successors in interest. (a) See K.S.A. 12-520 , as amended. l. Provide other certifications, approvals and acceptances required by any statute, ordinance or regulation. The form of these certifications may be modified as necessary by the City's legal counsel to meet statutory or other requirements. C. Grading Plans. 1. Preliminary Grading Plan: Along with the initial filing of the Final Plat, a Preliminary Grading Plan must be submitted to the City Council for acceptance. a. On the Preliminary Grading Plan, show preliminary proposed elevations for all curbs, manholes, storm sewer structures, related drainage structures, swale elevations, and tops of foundations and low openings (such as view out or walkout ledges). 2. A Final Grading Plan will need to be submitted after plans for required subdivision improvements are complete, and before any building permits are issued.

D. Final Plat Drainage Plan: The Final Plat Drainage Plan must be commensurate with the size of the subdivision and the complexity of the drainage. 1. The Final Plat Drainage Plan must be provided by a licensed engineer registered in Kansas. 2. The Final Plat Drainage Plan must be approved by the Governing Body. 3. The Final Plat Drainage Plan must be quantitive, and show intent and detail clearly enough that required drainage improvements can be designed based on the drainage plan. a. Note any required offsite easements or improvements. 4. Show engineering data and calculations sufficient to document flow into, across, and from within the site, as well as discharge onto downstream properties, or into natural or improved channels or drainage easements. a. The engineering data may be on the plan or in a separate report referred to on the plan. b. The Final Plat Drainage Plan must comply with statutes regarding the preparation of engineering reports. c. Regulatory approvals, such as Federal Emergency Management Agency or Kansas Division of Water Resources approvals, must be noted as necessary. Show their status.

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